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How to transfer your music from iTunes to Android

By Team AA

iTunes with Android Phone 3

Even though streaming services like Spotify and Tidal are taking over the market, many music lovers prefer to download and save their music to their hard drive. Despite its flaws and the fact that Apple is moving away from the venerable service, Apple’s iTunes is still one of the most popular ways to do so, but it isn’t easy to sync your iTunes library with an Android device.

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There is no iTunes for Android, so you’ll need to go through a few extra steps to get everything working. There are a number of ways to transfer transfer your music from iTunes to any Android phone or tablet, which we’ve listed out below. Check out the full guide and decide which method is right for you.

How to transfer your music from iTunes to Android:

Copy your music files manually

<img title="Nexus 9 HP Chromebook USB cable" src="×400.png" alt="Connect Android device to PC via USB cable" width="1200" height="676" srcset="×400.png 710w,×170.png 300w,×446.png 792w, 842w" …read more

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How to record calls on your Android phone

By Edgar Cervantes

Huawei P30 Pro on a call.

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to record a phone call. Google’s mobile OS has no official way of doing this, but Android users know where there is a will there is a way. Today we will show you various ways of keeping your mobile conversations on record.

Google’s OS has no official way of recording calls, but Android users know where there is a will there is a way.

Edgar Cervantes

Is it legal to record calls?

Keep in mind legal consequences may come from recording calls. It’s your responsibility to research laws regarding the matter, whether they be local, state, federal, or international. In some places you need one person’s approval to record calls, while other areas require permission from both parties. Bottom line, you’ll want to make sure you find out what you can and can’t do before moving forward.

Keep in mind legal consequences may come from recording calls.

Edgar Cervantes

Google against call recording

<img title="Android Q Beta 5 Dark Mode Boot Animation Google Logo" src="×473.jpg" alt="Android Q Beta 5 Dark Mode Boot Animation Google Logo" width="840" height="473" srcset="×472.jpg 840w,×170.jpg 300w,×432.jpg 768w,×9.jpg 16w,×18.jpg 32w,×16.jpg 28w,×32.jpg 56w,×36.jpg 64w,×400.jpg …read more

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Deal: Build your dream website in minutes with Dragify for just $20

By AA Picks

Your brilliant business idea or blog shouldn’t be on the back burner just because you lack the technical expertise or cash flow to build a website.

For less than $20, you can assemble your very own professional looking website in a matter of minutes with Dragify PopSites Pro.

All it takes is three easy steps. First, you choose from over 100 pre-made templates in the PopSites cloud platform. Whether it’s for local business, marketing, or blogging, PopSites has it all.

All it takes is three easy steps to build your website.

Using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your page however you like. If you aim to open an online store, Dragify also comes with a full-fledged credit card checkout system, analytics, and management console.

Finally, you’re ready to hit publish with just one click and without ever having to input a single line of code. Other things like hosting — you get unlimited space and bandwidth — and mobile responsiveness are all taken care of for you.

Dragify PopSites Pro at a glance:

  • Create unlimited pages, blog posts, eCommerce pages, and more.
  • Host your site with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Design your website …read more

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We asked, you told us: AA readers clearly prefer this video chat app

By Jimmy Westenberg

This is the featured image for the best app stores for Android!

There are tons of great video chat apps out there, and everyone seems to have an opinion on one or two. Some people love the versatility of WhatsApp, others prefer the bare-bones Google Duo, while some people use Facebook Messenger simply because, well, everyone has Facebook.

That’s why we asked you to tell us which video apps you use. We listed nine of the most popular video chat apps we could come up with, and there was a clear winner.

Which video chat apps do you use?


Out of almost 1,700 total votes, 34.9% of Android Authority readers said they use WhatsApp for video calls. This was definitely the most popular app on our list, but there was a (slightly) close second: Google Duo with 28.8% of the votes. From there, Facebook Messenger garnered 13.3% of the votes putting it in third, while Skype came in fourth with 8.4% of the votes.

Other video chat apps — including FaceTime, Signal, Viber, and others — made up the last few percentage points.

…read more

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Deal: A Revogi smart light strip adds some awesome to your space

By AA Picks

Revogi Smart Light Strip

A smart home should have kickass smart lighting. Make your home epic with this smart light strip that you can control with your phone or voice assistant.

The Revogi smart USB light strip can reflect a mood, add some swagger to a room, or even visualize music in an array of color. The colors and effects are instantly adjustable through the app or voice command.

The light strip can produce 16 million different colors, and you can bend or even cut it to your preferred shape. It’s ideal for adding some ambient backlighting to your entertainment center or to strike the right atmosphere for visitors.

The smart light strip at a glance:

  • Bend, shape, and cut to make the light strip fit any corner or wrap around furniture.
  • Adjust your strip with multiple lighting effects including music visualization and strobe functions.
  • Control the strip via smartphone, smart watch, Alexa, or Google Home.
  • Use the app to control up to 10 light strips simultaneously.
  • Set smart timers, adjust brightness, and change colors via the app.

Right now you can get the Revogi smart light strip for 20% off, meaning you get the 6.5ft light strips for just $19.99 each.

The deal …read more

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OnePlus 7T renders show triple camera setup and more

By John Callaham

oneplus 7t render onleaks

Pricebaba / @OnLeaks

New renders and a 360-degree video, allegedly based on the upcoming OnePlus 7T, have been posted on the Pricebaba website, via noted gadget leaker @OnLeaks. The images show off all angles of the rumored follow-up to the OnePlus 7. They seem to be in line with previous leaks of the phone, which show a circular design on the back for the phone’s camera sensors.

The circular module, with a rather noticible bump, includes three rear cameras for the OnePlus 7T, which are arranged horizontally through the center of the circle, with a flash located below the center camera. The OnePlus 7 had just two rear cameras, so it will be interesting to find out the hardware specs for the OnePlus 7T’s triple camera setup.

oneplus 7t render onleaks 2Pricebaba / @OnLeaks

The OnePlus 7T uses a teardrop notch design on the front display for its single selfie camera, according to these renders, which …read more

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly!

By Joe Hindy

Gears POP screenshot for the 280th Android Apps Weekly

Welcome to the 280th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Most carriers around the world throttle video streaming apps. A new report showed throttling happening regardless of Internet congestion or traffic problems. Some notable numbers include AT&T throttling Netflix 70% of the time while T-Mobile throttles Amazon Prime Video 51% of the time. Some of this is a result of carrier plans. For instance, T-Mobile includes a plan where streaming video is included, but only up to 480p. Thus, the study may have some holes. Still, it’s not encouraging.
  • GeForce Now still exists and it’s setting itself up as a real Google Stadia contender. The game streaming service has been in beta for a few years, but it’s still adding features. It added Steam and Uplay support this last week. The company also plans on opening up RTX servers in Germany and California in the near future. Stadia is stealing headlines, but GeForce might be just as good of an option come November.
  • Samsung launched its DeX app on Windows and Mac this week in preparation for its Galaxy Note 10 launch. The apps work for Windows 7, Windows 10, and …read more

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Dear iPhone users: Please don’t forget that a green bubble is a person.

By C. Scott Brown

ios imessage green bubble

Opinion post by
C. Scott Brown

Although iOS and Android devices are more similar now than ever, there are a few specific features that iPhone users have that Android users don’t (or vice versa). The most prevalent of these features is iMessage, the Apple-exclusive messaging app that signifies Android users with a green bubble.

Green bubble, you say? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, here it is: when iPhone owners use iMessage to communicate with other iPhone owners, incoming message bubbles are blue. When an Android user joins the chat, their message bubbles are green. It’s a simple way for iPhone users to know that certain iMessage features will not work with that person because they are using an Android device.

While this seems fairly innocuous and even necessary, the “green bubble” feature has taken on a life of its own — and not in a good way. Some iPhone users the world over — but mostly in the United States — mock the green bubbles that appear in their iMessage feed, even going so far as to create colloquialisms such as “green texts don’t get texts back.”

This attitude might seem childish but …read more

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Degoo deal: 3TB of lifetime cloud backup for just $69.99

By AA Picks

Degoo Cloud Storage Secure Sharing

Degoo is like a maximum-security vault for your files. In the cloud, your data is safe from threats such as hackers, malware, hard drive failure, or laptop theft.

Most cloud storage solutions are pay-per-month but, for the next couple of days, you can get 3TB of lifetime cloud storage for a one-off payment of just $69.99 with Degoo.

Degoo makes sure you never have to worry about losing your files. It gives you more backup space than the free allocations of Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive combined, and this isn’t just any old cloud storage.

Degoo gives you easy access to your files, allowing for quick sharing.

Automatic file change detection uploads new versions of any files you modify, so you always know your most recent changes are securely stored. Degoo also gives you easy access to your files, allowing for quick sharing between friends and coworkers via links and email.

Naturally, you can perform backups of all of your devices, so your files are both secure and accessible whether you’re on your laptop or on the go with your device. It’s all secured under military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

Degoo Premium at a glance:

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: What we want to see

By Scott Adam Gordon

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 - ceramic back logo

The release of a new Xiaomi Mi Mix phone is always an exciting time because it shows off Xiaomi phones at their most progressive.

The first Mi Mix was at the forefront of the now-common full-screen smartphone design language, and the Mi Mix 2 expanded on this with a smaller bottom bezel and ceramic body. By the time the third generation appeared, the Mi Mix 3 was a near bezel-less sliding phone with dual front and rear cameras, and wireless charging.

The latest sequel, the Mi Mix 4, is tipped to be unveiled next month and rumors already suggest it could be a game-changer. Here’s what I hope it delivers.

Series’ highest screen-to-body ratio

Though we haven’t reached all-screen form factors yet, if there’s one OEM you can rely on to push the bezel boundaries further than others, it’s Xiaomi with its Mi Mix series.

Thanks partly to its sliding design, the Mi Mix 3 delivered the range’s most optimized display yet, featuring what Xiaomi says is a roughly 93 percent screen-to-body ratio (though others claim a more conservative 85 percent).