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For You tab in Google Maps is now available on iOS, over 130 countries on Android

By Hadlee Simons

The Google Maps For You tab.

  • Google has announced that the For You tab in Google Maps is now available in over 130 countries on Android.
  • The feature has also made its way to iOS users, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to get in on the action.
  • The For You tab offers recommendations for businesses in your area, based on a number of factors.

Google revealed the addition of a For You tab in Google Maps at its developer conference in June, but you’d be forgiven if you didn’t see the feature yet. Fortunately, the search giant has just flicked the switch to enable wider availability.

The company announced on its blog that the For You tab was now available in over 130 countries on Android. For what it’s worth, we’ve seen the tab pop up in Germany, Slovenia, South Africa, and the U.K.

Google also revealed that the new tab is now available on iOS, albeit in just over 40 countries.

The For You tab essentially offers recommendations for restaurants, bakeries and other businesses in your area. These are usually chosen because they’re brand-new, received a new menu item, or are currently trending, according to Google. Nevertheless, the search company adds that your personal preferences are also …read more

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OnePlus 5 and 5T Android Pie open beta update now available

By Scott Adam Gordon

OnePlus has introduced the OxygenOS Open Beta 22 for the OnePlus 5 and 5T. OnePlus introduced the new software earlier today and it’s now available for flashing via the OnePlus forums.

The software is based on the latest Android version, Android Pie, meaning it’ll arrive with new gesture navigation, adaptive battery and adaptive brightness modes, and much more, including some specific OnePlus improvements.

Check out the complete patch notes from OnePlus below:

  • System

    • Updated system to Android 9.0 Pie
    • Brand new UI for Android Pie
    • Brand new navigation gestures (this is only for 5T)
    • Updated Android security patch to 2018.11
    • Optimizations for background app process handling
  • Do Not Disturb mode
    • New Do Not Disturb mode with adjustable settings
  • Communication

    • UI Improvements for emergency rescue
    • Optimized UI for speed dial and calling interface
    • Now able to assign a specific SIM for a specific contact or group of contacts when using dual SIM
  • Parallel Apps
    Added support for more apps (Telegram, Discord, IMO, Uber, OLA) in parallel apps
  • Weather

    • Now able to switch dynamically to your current location
    • Display more suggestions when the search function is used
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the app from refreshing when the location is changed
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in some users being unable …read more

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Bixby is now available in four more languages, but there’s a big caveat

By Hadlee Simons

Bixby on the Galaxy S9.

  • Samsung has enabled four new languages in Bixby 2.0.
  • The new languages are only available on the Galaxy Note 9 right now.

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant hasn’t quite enjoyed the same success as other voice assistants, but that isn’t stopping the company from bringing improvements anyway.

According to AllAboutSamsung (via SamMobile), the company has quietly launched support for four new languages. These new languages are French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The assistant has also gained U.K. English support in addition to the existing U.S. English option.

The new additions mean that Bixby can now speak seven languages, as it already supported Chinese and Korean. It’s worth noting that these new languages are still in beta, so don’t be alarmed if it’s not quite perfect yet.

There is one other caveat, however, as the new languages are reportedly only available on the Galaxy Note 9. This is because the Note device is one of the few Samsung phones with Bixby 2.0. The new languages are apparently available to Galaxy Note 9 users on both Android Oreo and the Pie-based One UI beta.

Editor’s Pick

Android smartphones with the best …read more

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Save $100 by bundling a Google Home Hub with various Nest devices

By Dima Aryeh

The holidays are here and once again it is time to save some money by spending some money. Holiday deals are going into effect and the latest is a savings of $100 when you buy the new Google Home Hub along with one of six Nest devices. Here are all the bundles you can get:

  • Google Home Hub + Nest Hello – $278
  • Google Home Hub + Nest Cam Indoor – $248
  • Google Home Hub + Nest Cam Outdoor – $248
  • Google Home Hub + Nest Cam IQ – $398
  • Google Home Hub + Nest Thermostat – $298
  • Google Home Hub + Nest Thermostat E – $218

$100 off ain’t too shabby, especially since the Google Home Hub is still pretty new and barely more expensive than $100. Hit the source links to pick your bundle up either from Nest or the Google Store!

Sources: Nest, Google Store

…read more

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The latest Android security threat is nothing to worry about

By Dima Aryeh

You’ve probably seen people talking about a new threat to Android security. Apparently a rogue Android Trojan will use PayPal to steal $1,000 of your local currency at a time without much input from the user. However, most people have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The app, which is a battery optimization tool, has to be downloaded from a third-party source. It is not available on the Google Play Store. This already severely limits the danger as most people do not download apps outside of the Play Store.

However, Android’s security isn’t limited to having apps on the Play Store scanned. The operating system itself has plenty of safeguards to prevent security threats like this. Android won’t let you install third-party apps without bypassing a warning and enabling third-party sources, so if someone tries to do this, they’re acknowledging that what they are doing is dangerous.

The next level of security is permission control. The app won’t work without a user granting it permission to “Observe your actions.” This isn’t a simple permission either, but rather an accessibility service that must be manually toggled. This isn’t just a yes or no prompt.

If you’ve done all …read more

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Loot Crate is a geeky goldmine and the perfect gift for the holidays

By AA Picks

Loot Crate

Not sure what to get your nerdy brother or geeky partner this Christmas? Loot Crate is the thoughtful gift that doesn’t require any thought, and it keeps on giving long after the holiday season has ended.

With a Loot Crate subscription, every month a mystery box of hand-picked products arrives at the lucky recipient’s door. It’s made up of shirts, gear, and gadgets, plus limited edition and collectible items.

Each month the crate has a special theme, such as ‘Guardians’ or ‘Mayhem’. It’s stuffed with geek treasures around that theme, such as comic stuff, gamer goods, and that type of thing. Each crate usually has upwards of $40 worth of loot.

Loot Crate at a glance:

  • Be surprised by new, cool, and exclusive geek items each month.
  • Receive a different crate each month with a t-shirt included in every crate.
  • Discover incredible new brands.
  • Indulge your love of everything comic and nerd culture.
  • Join a community of like-minded nerds and nerdettes.

This month’s theme is ‘Scavenge’ so it features Fallout stuff and Dungeons and Dragons gear, plus other cool kit.

Right now there’s a big price drop on a three-month Loot Crate subscription. It’s usually almost $70, but this week it’s <a target="_blank" …read more

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Moment now has OnePlus 6 lenses, OnePlus 6T coming in February

By C. Scott Brown

A promotional image of the OnePlus 6 with a Moment lens and camera case.

  • Popular smartphone lens-maker Moment just announced it will now support OnePlus phones.
  • Right now, you can buy a camera case and various lenses for the OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6T case comes in February.
  • OnePlus Moment photographs show off the terrific pics you can get with the 6 and a Moment lens.

Popular smartphone lens-makers Moment have supported Pixel phones for a long time. The company recently added Samsung devices to the lineup, and now another manufacturer is joining the family: OnePlus.

Starting today, you can buy a camera case for the OnePlus 6 from Moment’s online shop for $30. The case enables you to snap on various Moment lenses, which will increase the quality and versatility of the OnePlus 6 camera.

Moment says it will also release a case for the newer OnePlus 6T. However, that case will not ship until February.

Editor’s Pick

OnePlus 6 camera review

In our OnePlus 6 review we described the phone as a possible spiritual successor to the Nexus lineup, because it brings forth a premium experience at a hard-to-beat price. Nexus, and eventually Pixel devices evolved …

Once you get a Moment case for your OnePlus 6 or OnePlus …read more

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OnePlus 5G phone will land before May 2019, look familiar

By C. Scott Brown

  • OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently discussed the company’s plans for the OnePlus 5G phone.
  • The OnePlus 5G phone will land “before the end of May” and won’t likely be priced for profit.
  • The device will probably look a lot like the current OnePlus lineup, i.e. the OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently sat down with CNET for an interview. Although the big news of this week related to OnePlus is its new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, most of what CNET asked revolved around the yet-to-be-revealed OnePlus 5G phone.

According to Lau, the OnePlus 5G phone will launch “before the end of May” next year. Although we already knew the device would be more expensive than the OnePlus smartphones currently on offer (priced around $750 or more, most likely), Lau says that the device itself will be priced without profit in mind. In other words, OnePlus wants its 5G phone to be as cheap as it possibly can be for consumers, without the company actually losing money.

“The 5G product is not expected to equate to huge sales,” he said through an interpreter. “It’s still early stage. But by 2020 it could already be very different.”

Editor’s Pick
<a target="_blank" href="" title="OnePlus' 5G smartphone …read more

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Holiday buying guide: Best earbuds under $50

By Lily Katz

Cheap earbuds: Close-up of RHA MA390 earbuds on a wooden beam.

The best cheap earbuds are the RHA MA390.

Cheap earbuds litter city streets and occupy gas station walls, making them more ubiquitous than AirPods. Although we’re riding out a wave of wireless and true wireless earbuds, wired alternatives still have their place in our ears and in our bags. The problem with having so many options is that there is a lot of junk out there, making it a bit harder to find the gems. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best of what’s around as you gear up for some last-minute holiday shopping.

If you have a moment, we implore you to read the in-depth list at SoundGuys, which provides greater insight to those interested.

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Best all-around: RHA MA390

Cheap earbuds: RHA MA390 earbuds on wooden table with one earbud in background dangling over iPod Classic (silver).

The in-line microphone isn’t the best quality, but it works.

Reasons to consider the RHA MA390:

Command and Conquer: Rivals review – The perfect mobile RTS no one asked for

By Nick Fernandez

Command & Conquer Rivals review


When EA first announced its revival of the classic Command and Conquer franchise with Command and Conquer: Rivals at E3 last year, fans were obviously upset. Given EA’s track record and the direction the industry is going, it would be easy to write this new title off as a pay-to-win cash grab without even playing the game.

Now that the game is out, it’s safe to say what fans expected couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it’s true the game does little to carry the torch of the more than two decade-old series, the newly-formed EA Redwood Studios has managed to warp the C&C universe into a fantastic competitive real-time strategy game for mobile devices.

A rose by any other name

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. Command and Conquer: Rivals is not the game you (or your parents) played in marathon LAN sessions years ago. If that’s all that matters to you, take solace in the fact that in a few months the C&C remastered versions developed by Petrogylph Games will come out.

Rivals is more like Clash Royale than classic Command and Conquer games

With that …read more

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