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Google will bring back Google Assistant shopping lists in Keep Notes

By Williams Pelegrin

  • Google quietly announced you will be able to save Google Assistant’s shopping lists in Keep Notes.
  • Google removed the feature early in April 2017 and shifted it to the Home and Express apps.
  • Google Assistant support in Keep Notes will arrive “before you know it.”

Even though Google refreshed Keep Notes with a coating of the refreshed Material Design, you still cannot create and store shopping lists in the app with Google Assistant. That will change soon, as a Googler took to Reddit and confirmed the feature will return in a future update.

In the thread, the Googler said Google is “just getting started” and “more changes” would arrive soon. Another Reddit user took the opportunity to ask whether Google Assistant’s Shopping List feature would return to Keep Notes, to which the Googler said yes.

Remember, the problem is not that you cannot create shopping lists with Google Assistant — you still can. The issue is that Google moved shopping lists created with Google Assistant from Keep Notes to the Google Home and Express apps. The idea was that shopping lists in Express would better facilitate follow-up purchases.

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Treat yourself to 62% off the Fader Stealth Drone

By AA Picks

Stealth drone

AAPicks has been full of career advancement deals this week. Time for something more fun. Today, we’re spotlighting a double price drop on the awesome Fader Stealth Drone.

This nimble quadcopter flies straight out of the box and your smartphone attaches to the controller. This acts as a display for the drone’s HD camera, beaming back incredible real-time footage of your flight. It’s perfect to get overhead video of your next BBQ, beach trip, or camping adventure.

Some drones require great skill to avoid crashing, but the Fader Stealth Drone is perfect for beginners. The advanced features allow for automatic take-off, landing, and altitude hold. It’ll pretty much fly itself while you develop your pilot skills.

Once you’re an adept flyer, there’s plenty more fun to be had. The six-axis gyro module gives the Stealth Drone excellent aerial agility, and it can even do backflips.

The Fader Stealth Drone at a glance:

  • Auto take-off and land, altitude hold, and ready to fly technology make it extremely easy for beginners to use
  • HD camera records incredible 720p views in real-time
  • 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity and three-level adjustable controller. Sensitivity offers advanced flight options
  • LED …read more

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How to unlock the Google Pixel 3 bootloader

By Robert Triggs

Warning message displayed once the Google Pixel 3 bootloader is unlocked

Unlocking smartphone bootloaders isn’t as popular as it used to be, but it’s still an option for those who like to tinker with their technology. You can still unlock the Google Pixel 3 bootloader, even with its new Titan M security chip onboard.

You might want to unlock your bootloader to more easily flash factory images, gain root access to the device, install a custom recovery and custom ROM, or for rescuing your device from a boot-loop or soft-brick.

Be forewarned, Google doesn’t recommend unlocking the bootloader — it can compromise your security. Unlocking the Pixel 3 bootloader also wipes and resets all user data on the phone, so you’ll have to reinstall all your apps, contacts, etc.

Grab the files and get set up

There are a few things you’ll need to do before unlocking your Pixel 3 bootloader. This includes installing the necessary programs and drivers on your computer, and secondly checking your Pixel 3 settings so that it can communicate properly with your PC.

First, grab Android Debug Bridge (adb) and fastboot files and place the folder somewhere easy to locate on your computer. You can grab the combined zip file for Windows here, or macOS, or <a target="_blank" …read more

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Verizon temporarily removes SIM locks from Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

By Nick Sarafolean

Verizon has announced that it has temporarily removed SIM locks from Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices, including those sold at Best Buy. The announcement comes on the heels of a hot controversy that exploded across the tech world when Verizon confirmed yesterday that it would be locking Verizon Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 SIM cards until they had been activated on Verizon. Such news did not go over well and now the carrier has removed the SIM locks while it tries to figure out a long-term solution.

Since Verizon is the exclusive carrier for Pixel devices, the only two options for buying a Pixel device are to buy it through Verizon (via a Verizon store or Best Buy) or to order an unlocked version from Google. But the Pixel 3 devices are designed to work on every major carrier. Thus, Verizon’s SIM locks prevented customers of other carriers from purchasing the Pixel 3/XL through any source except Google.

For now, though, customers from any carrier can walk into a Verizon or Best Buy …read more

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Pre-register now for Dead Cells on Android and die over and over again

By Williams Pelegrin

  • You can pre-register for Dead Cells on the Play Store, though no release date was announced.
  • Dead Cells is a roguelike-metroidvania hybrid which is available for PC and other consoles.
  • You will die many times.

If you are up for the challenge of using a touch screen to play a demanding platformer, then Dead Cells will likely satisfy that itch. If so, we have some good news for you, which is the game is up for pre-registration on the Play Store.

In Dead Cells, you play as a body of cells which controls a corpse in a dungeon. Your job is to get through the procedurally-generated levels and make it out of the dungeon. You can collect “cells” as you progress through the levels. You can then use these cells to purchase permanent upgrades at vendors located at the end of each level.

The problem is making sure you survive long enough to make it to the end of a level. Dead Cells is often described as a roguelike-metroidvania hybrid, and for good reason. The game can be unforgiving and there is a good chance you will die before you reach the end of a level.

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European OEMs will have to pay up to $40 per device to have Google apps

By C. Scott Brown

Google Play Awards nominee Empires and Puzzles

  • Leaked documents give us an idea of what kinds of fees Google will impose on Android OEMs in Europe.
  • According to the documents, it could cost as much as $40 per device for OEMs to include Google apps on smartphones and tablets.
  • Google will incentivize inclusion of Chrome and Search to offset the cost, but some OEMs could choose to pass the cost on to consumers.

Earlier this week, Google announced it would wildly revamp its business model surrounding the Android operating system for device manufacturers in the European Economic Area (EEA). The big changes are a result of the $5 billion fine pushed to Google by the European Commission due to alleged antitrust issues.

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Google altering business model of Android to comply with European regulations

Google Developers

Google published a blog post today explaining some important upcoming changes to the business model of Android when it comes to the European Economic Area (EEA). The changes are in response to …

Although Google explained it would start to charge Android OEMs for the use of Google apps — including the Google Play Store — it did not disclose …read more

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OnePlus changes 6T launch date to October 29

By Nick Sarafolean

In a surprising move, OnePlus has changed the launch date for the OnePlus 6T to October 29. While the company previously announced a launch date of October 30, plans were thrown into disarray when Apple revealed plans for its own launch event on October 30. While OnePlus is a fantastic company, an Apple event is sure to dominate the headlines for days, entirely overshadowing the launch of OnePlus’ latest flagship.

With that in mind, OnePlus is rescheduling its own launch event one day earlier. The company is also taking incredible steps to help its customers. Ticket holders who won’t be able to attend can receive a full refund for their ticket. Moreover, OnePlus is reaching out to every planned attendee to help cover the costs of flight and hotel changes.

While it’s unfortunate that OnePlus was put in this position, it’s amazing to see the care that it’s putting into remedying the situation for affected customers.

What do you think of OnePlus’ actions?

…read more

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OnePlus 6T launch bumped a day to avoid clash with spotlight-stealing Apple

By C. Scott Brown

The OnePlus logo.

  • OnePlus just moved the date of the OnePlus 6T launch to October 29.
  • The original date of October 30 would have pitted OnePlus against Apple’s own October 30 hardware event.
  • OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced the change in a lengthy post at the OnePlus forums.

In a lengthy post on the OnePlus forums, company CEO Pete Lau announced the launch date of the OnePlus 6T will be moved up by a day. The reason behind this change is the recent announcement of an Apple hardware event happening on the same date.

The OnePlus 6T was originally going to launch on October 30, a date OnePlus officially announced on October 8. However, yesterday Apple sent out invites for its own hardware event for the same date.

Rather than compete with the world’s most successful company, OnePlus decided to move out of the way and let Apple have the launch date OnePlus had reserved weeks ago.

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In this post, which will be updated regularly, we take a closer look at the latest rumors surrounding OnePlus’ upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphone.
Updated, October 1, 2018 …read more

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Samsung’s upcoming display might finally put an end to notches

By Williams Pelegrin

  • Samsung announced new display technology which hides multiple sensors, including the camera and fingerprint sensors.
  • The new displays could finally do away with the polarizing notch design.
  • We could see the display technology on the upcoming Galaxy S10, but Samsung did not give specifics.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world without notches? Manufacturers use them to store all the components which cannot yet be hidden, but they also usually end up looking like eyesores. If Samsung has its way with its new display technology, notches will no longer be a problem we’ll have to deal with.

Spotted by Twitter user Ice universe, Samsung announced new AMOLED display technology during its OLED Forum conference in China. During the event, Samsung explained the display could hide several features which for now require display cutouts or bezel space. These features include a fingerprint scanner, haptics, sound, and an under panel sensor (UPS).

Ice Universe/Twitter

In-display fingerprint sensors are nothing new, though they are rumored to be part of the upcoming Galaxy S10. The exciting bit is the UPS, which would include the front-facing camera. Combined with the ability for sound to transmit through the display, Samsung …read more

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Amazon now rolling out Whisper Mode in US

By Dima Aryeh

Last month Amazon announced a bunch of new hardware running Alexa. With that announcement also came teasers of new features like Whisper Mode.

This new feature allows you to whisper at your Echo and it will whisper back rather than replying in a normal voice. This could be useful if you’re trying to use your virtual assistant without disturbing someone. Have you ever asked your Echo something while someone was sleeping and it replied at full volume? Not fun.

Whisper Mode is great, but it’s just a step for Amazon towards more natural speech patterns and responses. The feature is now rolling out in the US and currently only supports US English. Let us know how you like it!

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