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Train towards becoming a Python pro for the price of a takeout

By AA Picks

Python 3 Complete Bootcamp Master Course: Build 15 Projects and Games

If you’re keen to try coding, there’s a strong case for choosing Python. Three main reasons come to mind:

  • Intuitive — Python is known to be easier to read than most programming languages, making it more accessible for first-time coders.
  • Versatile — Unlike some languages, Python is used in many types of programming, from apps and games to software and data analysis.
  • Popular — Due to this versatility, Python is used across industries and the globe. Job opportunities are wide-ranging and plentiful.

You can learn online, and the Python 3 Complete Bootcamp Master Course can be your guide. We’re spotlighting it today because it’s 97% off right now.

This 31-hour learning kit takes a hands-on approach, throwing you into building projects and games from the outset. No prior coding knowledge is assumed, and you can take the short lessons at your own pace.

Start building projects and games from the outset.

You’ll get access for life when you enroll, including updates. Once you’ve completed the training, not only will you be proficient in Python, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to prove it on your resume.

Tech Deals has the learning kit on offer this week. If you get to the …read more

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Which Kindle do I have? A quick guide to identifying all of Amazon’s e-readers

By Joe Hindy

Kindle Basic 2

The Amazon Kindle is arguably Amazon’s best product. The e-ink display, the long battery life, and the simple design make for excellent e-readers. However, Amazon’s naming schemes for Kindle models could be better. There’s little rhyme or reason behind them and they often confuse people. For instance, the fourth generation Paperwhite is actually part of the 10th generation of devices, while the third generation Paperwhite is part of the seventh generation.

You may need to know which Kindle model you have in order to buy the proper case or other accessories. Perhaps you’re just curious and you simply can’t remember. In any case, here’s a quick and dirty guide to which Kindle you have. For reference, the most recent Amazon devices are the Kindle Basic 3, the Kindle Paperwhite 4, and the Kindle Oasis 3.

How to identify your Kindle model

There are three prevailing characteristics that work best for identifying your particular Kindle model. The first and most effective method is with the serial number. Your serial number is unique to your device. However, the first few digits are the same across all Kindles of the same model. For instance, all 10th generation Basic model serial numbers start …read more

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Deal: Save 94% on the Stock Photo Mega Bundle

By AA Picks

Stock Photo Mega Bundle Examples

Shutterstock might be the Spotify of ready-to-use images, but it’s $29 for just 10 individual shots. For the same price, you can get unlimited, royalty-free access to over 80,000 stock photos.

The Stock Photo Mega Bundle contains a vast range of HD images split across more than 750 diverse categories. Romance or rivers; winter or wanderlust; there are ideal photos for any project.

There are also animations, cinemagraphs, and drone footage you can use to really bring your ideas to life. Everything in the bundle can freely be used for personal or commercial use.

The Stock Photo Mega Bundle at a glance:

  • Over 80,000 royalty-free HD images
  • Animated motion backgrounds
  • Drone stock footage and premium cinemagraphs
  • Over 750 categories and themes

This huge collection of images is worth almost $600, but you can save 94% in today’s deal. For the next few days, you can pick up the bundle for just $29.99.

Ready to perfect your project? The button below leads to the offer on Tech Deals.

…read more

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Forget flagships, mid-range phones are making the biggest technological leaps

By Robert Triggs

mid range phones 2

Mid-range handsets make up a hefty bulk of all smartphone purchases, offering impressive hardware at reasonable price points. 2019’s mid-range smartphones saw some major technological leaps, arguably more so than innovations in the flagship tier. Technological trickle-down is now resulting in mid-tier phones that feel every bit as capable as modern flagships. As top-end phone prices continue to creep up, the mid-tier is more appealing than ever.

This isn’t to say that premium-tier smartphones don’t have anything to offer. The flagship space is definitely where you’ll find the very best technology money can buy, as well as some of the more innovative and unique features. But you don’t have to have the very best anymore to enjoy an exceptional smartphone experience.

This trend has been building for a while, but based on our testing and observations, we think it’s fair to say that mid-range phones have closed the gap even more rapidly in the past 18 months. This is particularly true when we look at the three key facets of today’s smartphone experience: battery life, camera quality, and app performance. As examples, take a look at the excellent Realme …read more

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Deal: Grab the HumBird Bone-Conducting Speaker for just $27

By AA Picks

HumBird Bone-Conducting Speaker

Audio, meet innovation. The next-gen HumBird Speaker uses the latest bone-conduction technology to project your music from almost any surface, and it’s game-changing.

Just by placing the HumBird on a hollow object, the surface becomes an omnidirectional speaker. By trying different objects, you can create unique and customized music experiences.

The world’s smallest and most versatile bone-conduction speaker.

Despite being the world’s smallest bone-conduction speaker, you can still get the party started. The HumBird Speaker can generate up to 115dB of noise, and placing two in close proximity automatically switches to Surround Sound 2.0.

Of course, bone-conduction works on bone too. The sleek and portable Humbird can come with you anywhere, and generate sound that only you can hear while keeping your ears free.

The HumBird Speaker at a glance:

  • Experience music four to five times louder than your phone, reaching up to 115dB.
  • Create a Surround Sound 2.0 experience by using two interconnected HumBird Speakers.
  • Enjoy DIY customizable sound thanks to bone-conduction technology.
  • Take your music anywhere with an extremely compact design.
  • Listen to music for up to three continuous hours via Bluetooth 5.0.

We’re spotlighting the HumBird today because, for a limited time, you can …read more

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This week in Android: Galaxy S20 leaks, Poco F2 details, and more!

By Nick Fernandez

Samsung Galaxy S10 white prism

XDA Developers

This week we learned all about the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup ahead of next month’s official launch event. We’ve seen leaked specs, real-life images, and even a short video showing one of the devices. Keep up with the latest rumors and leaks here.

Another highly anticipated device was in the news this week, with Xiaomi registering the Poco F2 trademark in India. Later in the week Xiaomi announced that Pocophone will spin off into its own brand, similar to other former sub-brands like Redmi. Expect more news on the Poco F2 soon.

Not wanting to miss out on the news cycle, OnePlus also announced that it’s developed an all new 120Hz QHD+ OLED display, which will be included in its upcoming OnePlus 8 smartphones. Even better, the new phones feature a custom Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) chip that will bump ordinary 30fps footage up to 120fps to take advantage of the higher refresh rate.

Here are the top 10 Android stories of the week

Windows on Arm in 2020: An ecosystem finally worth buying into?

By Robert Triggs

Windows on Arm laptops

Opinion post by
Robert Triggs

I know, we’re an Android website, but I find the ongoing transition in the PC space from traditional to mobile processors too fascinating to ignore. By which, of course, I mean Microsoft’s mission to support Windows on Arm, with the aid of Qualcomm providing the chips.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is the latest high-end PC to sport an Arm-based processor, along with integrated 4G LTE connectivity. I’ve been using one on and off for about a month for work, which has given me a pretty good insight into how well Windows currently works on Arm hardware.

Our very own Gary Sims will have a full review of the Surface Pro X very soon. I will be using the device as a reference a fair bit, however, as it details the current state of Windows on Arm very nicely.

What is Windows on Arm?

Windows on Arm simply means running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system on Arm architecture-based processors. Historically, Windows ran on the x86 architecture, such as processors from AMD and Intel. As such, the operating system and applications are all compiled to run using x86 and x64 machine-code and so …read more

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Samsung Galaxy S10 international giveaway!

By Team AA

It’s time for the Sunday giveaway! Like every week, we’re giving away a brand new Android phone to one lucky Android Authority reader.

A big congratulations to the winners of last week’s OnePlus 7T international giveaway, Michael C. from Michigan.

This week we’re giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10, courtesy of the Android Authority Newsletter!

Get caught up on the week’s top stories, reviews, and features by signing up for the Android Authority Weekly Newsletter. Every Sunday, you’ll receive an email alert with a roundup of the best content from the previous week.

Though it won’t quite match up to the highly-anticipated Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S10 is still a stunning flagship which won’t leave you wanting.

The Galaxy S10 packs top processors from Samsung and Qualcomm (depending on your region), along with 8GB of RAM to ensure smooth multitasking. A triple-camera setup can be found around back, while the 10MP camera on the front is cut out of the display — that means there’s no notch to be found. Also, Samsung continues to listen to consumers and keep the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The only downside here is that the S10 …read more

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Perfect your pictures with brand-new Luminar 4

By AA Picks

Luminar 4

One of the secrets to being a better photographer is to have top-notch editing software. Luminar 3 took the Best Imaging Software Award at TIPA 2019 and Luminar 4 has upgraded almost every aspect. There’s a laundry list of new features, and with an exclusive Android Authority promo code you can save an extra $10.

The main upgrade in Luminar 4 is the improved use of AI technology. It makes editing a breeze when you can replace the sky or fix skin blemishes in seconds. The entire edit module has been redesigned to simplify your editing process too. Editing your photos perfectly can be hard, but the cutting-edge AI in Luminar means it doesn’t have to be.

Replace the sky or fix skin blemishes in seconds.

Detail matters and the upgrades in Luminar 4 will help you spot each and every inch clearly. There’s a new smart contrast tool that enhances the contrast without damaging any of the key details.

You can even make preset adjustments with the new Looks feature to edit in a snap. Anything that isn’t new has been improved, starting with the filters. They’re easier to apply …read more

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Who is BBK, the world’s second largest phone manufacturer?

By Robert Triggs

Global Smartphone Market Share Q3 2019

The smartphone has a number of major players these days, outside the familiar brands of Apple and Samsung. Huawei has been trying to cement itself as the second-largest brand, with successful pushes into Asian and European markets. But its position has been put into jeopardy due to Huawei’s ban from US markets and technology. Instead, the best-positioned contender comes from the lesser-known BBK Electronics.

BBK is a Chinese multinational corporation. It owns a number of popular brands across various consumer electronics markets, including headphones, Blu-ray players, and smartphones. It also oversees a number of major smartphone brands including one fan-favorite — Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus.

Who is BBK?

BBK Electronics has been operating in various sections of China’s electronics industry since the 1990’s. Duan Yongping, a reclusive billionaire, spearheaded the company. After successfully generating more than 1 billion Yuan from the “Subor” gaming console, a competitor to the Nintendo Entertainment System, Duan left his position running a …read more

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