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We asked, you told us: Most don’t see the benefit of a smartwatch or fitness tracker

By Justin Duino

fossil sport neon yellow oled display on wrist

Several years ago, it looked like wearables might be the next big thing in the technology world. As you can probably assume, they haven’t taken off in the way many hoped they would.

Despite this, over the last several years, we’ve seen a growing number of companies try their hand at making smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables. So we decided to ask you, do you own and use a smart wearable? Here is what you had to say.

Do you own a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or other wearable?


When we average out the roughly 50,000 votes between the poll on the website and YouTube, we’re left with the above results. Surprisingly, despite a seemingly large adoption rate of various smart devices, most of you don’t wear or even own a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or other wearables.

It is interesting to learn that more of you have smartwatches than fitness trackers. Looking through the comments, it’s pretty clear that most wear smartwatches so that they can look at notifications in addition to tracking their fitness. Personally, this is why I wear a smartwatch over something like a <a target="_blank" …read more

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Roku Streaming Stick Plus review

By Gary Sims

There was a time when, if I wanted to watch a movie at home, I needed to get a copy on a VHS cassette! Then came DVDs, and VHS went the way of the dodo. But that was then, and now DVDs look almost prehistoric due to streaming services. We stream movies from services like Amazon Prime or Netflix. We watch videos on YouTube and we catch up with our TV viewing via TV streaming services like Hulu or iPlayer.

Watching streaming video on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop is easy. You just point your web browser at the relevant website. But what about on your TV? If you have a “smart” TV, then it probably has built-in apps for YouTube, Netflix, Plex, etc. It might also have access to Amazon Prime and Google Play Movies & TV.

But how do you watch streamed video on a not-so-smart TV? Or on a TV that has an app missing for one of the services you use? Roku, that’s how!

Roku has a range of “players” that connect to the HDMI port on your TV and allow you to use services like …read more

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

By Joe Hindy

A screenshot for hidey hole for the Android Apps Weekly article

Welcome to the 285th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Google reportedly sent out reminders this week about Inbox by Gmail’s eventual shut down. It re-confirms the April 2nd shut down that we already expected. People took to Reddit to talk about the warning and tons of people verified that they received it too. Thankfully, Google did put a bunch of Inbox features in Gmail. Thus, the transition shouldn’t be too bad. Hit the link to learn more!
  • A new Call of Duty game is coming to mobile. Call of Duty: Legends of War got a trailer this week along with some more information. We know it should play like a regular Call of Duty game. In addition, it’ll have multiple game modes, 60fps game play, and a freemium price tag. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. The game’s developers are Tencent and Activision, after all. The new trailer looks fantastic and you can check it out at the link!
  • Opera Browser received a fairly substantial new feature this week. It’s a free VPN in the app. You simply open the app, enable the VPN, and browse privately. The feature doesn’t require a …read more

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Smartphone stills are getting so much better, but what about video?

By C. Scott Brown

Xiaomi Mi 9 three triple camera details

Opinion post by
C. Scott Brown

If you watch any smartphone launch event from the last few years, chances are exceptionally good that a large part of that presentation will focus on the phone’s camera. The phone will likely have multiple lenses, state-of-the-art sensors, and software tweaks that will make your photos really pop.

However, you likely won’t hear much about the smartphone video capabilities of the device. If it is even mentioned at all, it’s likely it will be just a brief statement and that’s it.

When it comes down to it, the video capabilities of smartphones appear to be more of an afterthought than anything else.

Yes, most every smartphone will shoot high-definition video — likely in 4K — and feature settings tweaks that will allow you to get some pretty decent footage. When you compare smartphone video features to smartphone still photography features though, there’s likely no comparison. Why is that?

A very common omission

<img src="https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-840×473.jpg" alt="Samsung Galaxy S10 vs OnePlus 6 camera" width="840" height="473" srcset="https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-840×472.jpg 840w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-300×170.jpg 300w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-768×432.jpg 768w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-16×9.jpg 16w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-32×18.jpg 32w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-28×16.jpg 28w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-56×32.jpg 56w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-64×36.jpg 64w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-712×400.jpg 712w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-1000×563.jpg 1000w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-1200×676.jpg 1200w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-792×446.jpg 792w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-1280×720.jpg 1280w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-1340×754.jpg 1340w, https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-vs-OnePlus-6-camera-770×433.jpg …read more

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Buyers guide: phones that support third-party fast chargers and accessories

By Robert Triggs

Tommox third party fast chargers USB PD

Proprietary fast charging technologies are great for juicing up your empty handset, but they have their limitations. Power banks don’t support proprietary standards, neither do car-chargers nor multi-device power hubs. If you use any of these, you’ll want a phone that supports one of the popular standards used by third-party fast chargers. Namely USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge.

Unfortunately, even when manufacturers note support for one or more of these standards, there’s often no way of knowing whether you’ll receive the very fastest charging speeds or not. This makes buying accessories a pain. To help you out, we’re testing a bunch of phones to help make these buying decisions easier.

To test, we picked up a Tommox 75W USB-C charger, sporting USB Power Delivery, Quick Charge 3.0, and 2.4A USB outputs. We also grabbed a 60W rated USB-C cable, to make sure the cable isn’t a bottleneck, along with a USB-C power meter, and began testing phones that were running out of battery.

Best picks for 3rd party charger support

Out of all the phones we’ve tested so far, only three support high charging speeds with all third-party fast chargers. These models are the Xiaomi …read more

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An inside look at Facebook’s mobile app development process

By Adam Sinicki

Facebook Office in London

Recently, I visited the Facebook Headquarters in London to learn about the process of developing and maintaining its mobile Facebook app. Much more goes on here than you probably realize: some of Facebook’s apps are handled here in their entirety, like WhatsApp for desktop and the business-oriented Workplace app.

The offices are just what you’d expect from Facebook’s image, though perhaps not quite to The Social Network-levels of excess. This is a place where serious work gets done, but there’s a trendy, quirky, and relaxed atmosphere nonetheless. Employees can carry laptops to work wherever they choose, there’s a printing room for making posters (just because), commissioned artwork on several of the walls, and a giant Ninja Turtle — I never got an answer as to why.

Oh, and the food is incredible. I was there during Chinese New Year and I had multiple pork bellies. Good times.

Facebook London Office Food

However, I wasn’t there to enjoy the decor and the …read more

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Oppo Find X camera review: Elevating experience, average photos

By Edgar Cervantes

At a glance the Oppo Find X might leave you thinking it doesn’t have cameras, but there is truly more than meets the eye with this design. The handset’s shooters are hidden away, only appearing when needed, thanks to a mechanical elevating system.

Related Articles

Pop-up cameras: Which does it better, the Vivo Nex or Oppo Find X?

related article

Oppo Find X review: Finding space

Fancy stuff, but it takes more to impress a true photo enthusiast. The photos need to be more elevating than the technology itself. Today we are here to judge whether these hidden cameras can take a good shot or not. I have taken this phone on my daily adventures and am ready to tell you all about its photographic prowess. Stick around to learn all the details!

Photos have been resized for quicker loading times, but that is the only editing these images have undergone. If you want to pixel peep and analyze the full resolution photos, we have put them in a Google Drive folder for you.

Oppo Find X camera specs

Rear cameras:

Huawei P30 series: How much do you really know about the upcoming phones?

By Mitja Rutnik

Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are just a few days away — the company will announce its flagship series on March 26. Although the tech giant hasn’t officially revealed the specs and features of the two devices, we already know a lot about them thanks to the many leaks and rumors.

If you’ve recently been following Android Authority or smartphone-related news in general, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Huawei’s upcoming devices. This quiz will test out just how much you know about them.

Click the Start button below to test out your knowledge, and don’t forget to share your score on social media at the end. Also, keep in mind that we won’t officially know anything about the Huawei P30 series until it’s announced, so please treat all the questions in this quiz as rumors.

Note: There is a widget embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s widget.

Note: If you don’t see a Start button, click here.

This is the 31st quiz in our regular weekly series. You can take a few of the most popular ones via the links below or check out all of them by clicking here.

Take your digital artwork to the next level with Corel Painter 2019

By AA Picks

Corel Painter 2019

When it comes to digital art, the options are limitless. But if you want to create a masterpiece, you’re going to need the right tools.

If digital painting is your thing, then you need Corel Painter 2019 in your toolbox. Right now, you can get the $429 software for just $249.

The user interface was recently updated to give you the most efficient and seamless painting experience yet. It features 36 brand new brushes, adding to the existing array of over 900, a darker theme, in-app learning, and the world’s most realistic Natural-Media.

The most efficient and seamless painting experience yet.

In addition to new paint supplies, there’s also enhanced support for faster computers with multi-core processors and CPUs. You can create faster without any issues.

Corel Painter 2019 is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, or 7, and macOS 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, or X 10.11.

Whether you’re a digital artist looking to up your game or you’re thinking about transitioning your real artistic skills to the computer screen, Corel Painter 2019 is the perfect tool. With your lifetime license, you’ll get access to all major updates, and any new features that the future versions …read more

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This compact charger powers up multiple devices anywhere, anytime

By AA Picks

You’d think in 2019 that dead phones would be a thing of the past. However, no matter how often you charge it, your phone still has a tendency to die at the most inopportune moments. You know how it goes.

Whether you’re traveling, working, or out and about, a dead phone is always a nuisance. The Gospace SuperCharger is a godsend in situations like these.

Juice up four devices simultaneously.

Equipped with two USB ports, one USB-C port, and a Qi wireless charging pad, the Gospace is able to juice up four devices simultaneously. Plus, with its ample 10,000 mAh battery capacity, all your devices will stay charged for longer.

The compact charger also includes interchangeable wall plugs for four major socket types. Basically, it’s a solid travel buddy that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

Make dead phones a thing of the past. The retail price of the Gospace SuperCharger is $99, but right now you can grab one for just $44.99 — that’s over half off.

The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of …read more

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