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Red HTC U11 nearing a U.S. launch

By Evan Selleck

In the United States, the HTC U11 is available in blue, silver, and black. There’s a red variant out there in other parts of the globe that some U.S. consumers may want to get their hands on, and soon they’ll be able to do just that.

HTC appears to be counting down to the U.S. launch of the red U11. The company’s tweets aren’t loaded with details, simply saying that “we’ve heard you,” and that the wait is “almost over.”

HTC USA has been tweeting images of the red U11 in a variety of locations, with a series of numbers counting down from 5 to go along with it. On June 18th, the company tweeted out the image you see above, with the red U11 next to the number 2. As SlashGear notes, that would point to some kind of announcement being made on Tuesday, June 20th.

Unfortunately it’s not known at this point whether or not HTC plans on opening pre-orders for the red U11 on that date, or if the company will simply open the flood gates for immediate purchase. Either way, we should learn more here very soon.

If you picked up an HTC U11 already, are you upset that the red variant is arriving later? Or if you’ve been waiting, are you happy to see the new color coming to these shores?

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Source:: androidandme