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OPPO steps into the future with the R17 series

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With striking design, eagle-eye cameras, and on-screen fingerprint reader, the R17 series feels like a pair of phones from tomorrow.

With the R17 series, OPPO is stepping into the future. Aesthetically, it’s not just one of the sleekest devices OPPO has ever presented, it’s also one of the most beautiful devices we’ve ever seen.
OPPO designers say that they took inspiration from light and water when sculpting the R17 series. While other devices adopt Onix functionality or ivory minimalism, the R17 series shatters the monochrome market with a rich, aquatic gradient. The body of the device calls to mind water reflecting the neon glow of city life.

As devices continue to push for maximal screen real estate, we’ve seen the rise of the controversial notch to house the camera. The R17 series has one of the most unobtrusive notches around, likely because of the natural, attractive curve the design employs. The makers note that the shape of the notch takes its cues from a droplet of water on the brink of falling, capturing that moment of tension right before the change takes place.

Overall, the OPPO R17 series is a bold step that makes an unflinching style statement while also delivering some impressive under-the-hood …read more

Source:: android authority