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Samsung Galaxy Home hands-on: Do you want Bixby in your home?

By David Imel

Back in August of this year, Samsung surprised us with the Samsung Galaxy Home. No one was really expecting this smart speaker, because we’d all gone to New York to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Still, it looked to be an interesting device, and Samsung said we would learn more about it at the Samsung Developers Conference in November.

It’s November, and Samsung’s Developer Conference is in full swing. Did we learn anything new?

Not really.

At the conference this year, Samsung introduced the new Bixby Developers Kit, which allows coders to make new actions for Bixby. You can control things from your home to your car, and the company showed a number of use cases in which the Galaxy Home could be useful using developer-enabled actions. The trouble is, we still don’t know when you can get a Galaxy Home or how much it will cost.

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