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Xiaomi wants to save your bad photos with AI technology

By Team AA

Original image (left) vs two variants of the DeepExposure algorithm

  • Xiaomi is working on computational photography technology that can save poorly exposed images.
  • DeepExposure is an AI algorithm trained against thousands of images retouched by experts.
  • The results could be used to improve camera capabilities on Xiaomi phones.

A decent camera is often the benchmark we set when choosing a smartphone. Aside from the touchscreen, the camera is undoubtedly the most-used feature, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers pour their efforts into improving the photography experience. Lately, this has resulted in both more lenses and the increased use of AI, typically for mimicking the bokeh effect typical of DSLR setups.

Where cameras fall short, editing software works magic. Applying filters, tweaking colors, and adjusting lighting all offer ways to breath more life into subpar images. Image exposure – the amount of light let in for a picture – is sometimes the hardest setting to nail, especially in selfies. Either the face is too dark and the background is perfect, or the background is blown out but you can see the faces. Xiaomi has been working on a solution, something it calls “DeepExposure” AI.

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