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The best Chromebooks of CES 2019

By Kevin Parrish

Google’s Chrome OS had a small footprint during the CES 2019 technology show in Las Vegas. Models were scarce compared to Windows 10 devices, though Asus wasn’t shy with its portfolio of five Chromebooks for the mainstream and education markets.

The big Chromebook news during the show stemmed from AMD. The company now dishes out all-in-one A-Series “c” processors, aka Accelerated Processing Units, revised and optimized for Google’s Chrome OS platform.

Typically, we see units shipping with MediaTek and Intel chips, and while we have yet to benchmark a Chromebook with AMD’s new chips, the tweaked APUs promise to be great for running Android apps on Chromebooks without breaking the bank.

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That said, here are the best Chromebooks that were on display during the CES 2019 show in Las Vegas!

Acer Chromebook 315

The first AMD partner on our list is Acer with its new Chromebook 315. It …read more

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