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Open world skiing game Grand Mountain Adventure launches in 2 weeks

By C. Scott Brown

A screenshot from the new skiing game Grand Mountain Adventure.

Despite there being plenty of skiing games for mobile, there isn’t an open world skiing game quite yet. Grand Mountain Adventure, a new skiing game from Swedish developer Toppluva, hopes to change that.

In Grand Mountain Adventure, you are a skier exploring a mountain the best way you know how: cruising downhill with two sticks strapped to your feet. The game emphasizes exploring and enjoying the scenery, although there are tricks and online competitions on hand as well.

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When you start Grand Mountain Adventure, your character is at the bottom of the ski resort Hirschalm, where you get to try out your first slalom challenge (slalom is when you race down a winding course marked by flags). If you complete this challenge, the rest of the mountain opens up for you to explore. As you travel up lifts and back down the mountain, new areas open up.

Once you’ve explored all that the …read more

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