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Microsoft’s Xbox Live can soon work in any Android game

By Williams Pelegrin

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a new cross-platform mobile software development kit (SDK) for game developers to build Xbox Live functionality into their mobile games. That means you’ll eventually see things like Xbox Live achievements, Gamerscore, clubs, and more on updated and new Android and iOS games.

With the SDK, game developers can pick and choose which Xbox Live features make it to their mobile games. Regardless of which features game developers pick, the features will be enabled through a single sign-in to a Microsoft account.

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We’ve already seen a few mobile games include Xbox Live functionality, such as the Halo mobile games and Minecraft. The difference is that only Microsoft had access to the tools necessary to build Xbox Live into mobile games.

Microsoft didn’t say if we will also see Xbox Live on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, though a previous report pegged Switch support. Microsoft also …read more

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