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Google Play Store finally testing simultaneous app downloads

By Williams Pelegrin

Picture of the Google Play Store.

Whether it’s pushing out system updates or getting a new Material Design makeover, the Google Play Store is seemingly in for many changes. Those changes also include simultaneous downloads, according to Android Police.

Simultaneous app downloads is one of those features that probably should have been around from the beginning. That said, some users are finally seeing the feature enabled in the Play Store.

Don’t fret if you don’t see the feature enabled on your device. This appears to be a server-side change, so it might take a bit until you see simultaneous app downloads in the Play Store. Once you get it, it’s one of those quality-of-life changes that decrease the amount of time you spend updating your apps.

Screenshot of simultaneous app downloads in the Google Play Store.

Simultaneous app downloads isn’t the only new feature spotted in the updated version of the Play Store — there’s also internal app sharing. The feature lets a developer share a rough version of an app or app …read more

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