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10 things you need to know in tech today

By Tristan Rayner

A 5G modem from Intel.

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1. Apple and Qualcomm together at last, as Intel fails to deliver


The great fight between Apple and Qualcomm is over. Let’s first start with some flavor from the very moment it happened.

  • The abrupt truce between Qualcomm, a major chip supplier, and Apple, a major chip requirer, ended mid-court case.
  • It ended just as Apple’s attorneys, I kid you not, likened Qualcomm chips to fried chicken.
  • From Reuters: “Apple attorney Ruffin Cordell likened Qualcomm’s policy to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that refuses to sell a bucket of chicken to customers.”
  • “You first have to go over to this different counter, KFL – Kentucky Fried Licensing,” Cordell said. “You have to go pay that ‘eating license’ fee before they’ll sell you any chicken.”

Apparently, Qualcomm’s 5G modem offering was too tasty to resist.

Or, more seriously, Apple’s need to offer iPhones with 5G, with Intel unable to deliver, was more important than an expensive and expansive legal fight, that crossed multiple jurisdictions and included battles over patents, component costs, and royalties. …read more

Source:: android authority