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Anker’s Roav Bolt brings Google Assistant to your dumb car for just $50

By David Imel

Anker Roav Bolt plugged in

While it would be incredibly convenient for every car to be equipped with Android Auto, that’s just not the reality. The system makes it safer and easier to interact with our devices on the road, but unless you buy a car with Android Auto integrated, you’re usually fairly limited in what you can do with your phone on the road. This is quite a shame because our smartphones can make the driving experience so much better.

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Anker saw this problem and has teamed up with Google to create the Roav Bolt, a smart car charger that brings the Google Assistant to nearly any car stereo.

The Roav Bolt connects to the car stereo through either an auxiliary connection or Bluetooth and connects to your smartphone to utilize the power of Google Assistant. There are two far-field microphones on the front of the charger, which are used to pick up your voice, and it can cut out ambient noise from things like the car stereo. If you prefer not to use the “Hey Google” keyphrase to activate Assistant, there is a physical button on the front that will call …read more

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