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Facebook wants to give you money for your data

By Williams Pelegrin

Facebook Logo App

  • Facebook announced and launched the Study from Facebook research app today.
  • The app collects data on one’s app usage, app feature usage, device, and more.
  • Participants will be recruited through advertisements and don’t have to be Facebook users.

Earlier today, Facebook launched the Study from Facebook app. Only available on Android and reported by TechCrunch today, the app is Facebook’s attempt to be less creepy about collecting data frzom research participants.

The Study app will warn you that Facebook will learn which apps are installed on your phone, how long you use those apps for, and the names of features you use in other apps. Facebook will also learn the country you’re in, what device you use the Study app on, and the network type.

Facebook plans to recruit adults age 18 and older in the U.S. and India through advertisements. The social network will display the ads on its own app and others to those that use and don’t use Facebook. Participants from other countries will eventually be recruitable, but not for the time being.

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