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Smartphone tripods: everything you need to know

By Suzana Dalul

HTC phone on a tripod


Smartphone photography has come a long way in the last decade. Nowadays, almost every flagship has a camera with multiple lenses, which allow you to take creative and impressive shots. But even if you don’t have the latest and greatest smartphone, you can up your photography game with a phone tripod.

In this article we’ll explain what they are, how to use them and which ones are the best depending on your needs.

What are phone tripods?

Tripods are stands with three collapsible legs designed to hold your photography equipment. They are braced around a center post for maximum stability and feature a smartphone or camera mount on top, as well as several joints which allow you to rotate and tilt your device. The biggest difference between smartphone and DSLR tripods is that the latter are usually bigger and sturdier, since the weight of the camera and additional lenses is usually much higher than that of a smartphone. However, the main functions they perform remain the same: stabilizing your device and allowing you to take well-framed shots from a variety of angles.

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