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New dedicated Speed Test G YouTube channel: Speed tests galore!

By Gary Sims

Performance is one of the key factors to consider when buying a smartphone. It isn’t the only one, the camera is important, as is the price, but if you are spending your hard-earned cash you want to know that your device can play the games you like and smoothly run the apps you use.

To help you decide which devices perform better, I invented Speed Test G, a new testing method that bridges the gap between standard “synthetic” benchmarks and the next-to-useless (but bizarrely popular) speed tests.

Speed Test G is made up of 10 standalone Android apps. Each app performs a task or simulates a real-world usage scenario and then exits. Using a special launcher, the 10 apps are launched (just like a speed test) and the time measured for how long each task takes to complete (just like a benchmark). The result is a system which combines the best aspects of benchmarks and of speed tests. At the end, the launcher presents the overall test run time. This isn’t relative to a baseline, nor is it a weighted score — it is a measure of the time taken. Simple, reliable, and easy to …read more

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