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Google Play Books now has a beta program with some nifty new test features

By C. Scott Brown

Google Play Books as seen on a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

If you’re a frequent reader, you might use Google Play Books as one of your sources for new reading material. Lucky for you, Play Books now has some beta features designed with heavy readers in mind. You can give them a shot right now if you’re interested!

The features were born from self-described book worm — and Google software engineer — Dan Kimberg. Kimberg joined the Google Play Books team and immediately had some ideas of how to make the service better for heavy readers like himself. In fact, before he joined the Play Books team, Kimberg actually filed over 50 feature requests to the existing team!

The biggest new beta feature available now is Custom Shelves, which Kimberg says is one of the most-requested features from Google Play Books users. Using Custom Shelves, you can create a shelf that works just the way you want. Kimberg gives an example he uses himself which organizes “Re-read me” books — books he’s already read but would like to re-visit at some point in the future.

It’s incredibly easy to turn on all or just some of these new beta features.

Another new beta feature is a stronger search function. You can find specific …read more

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