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Google is bringing a portrait mode to Chrome OS for some reason

By Hadlee Simons

Portrait mode on a Chrome OS tablet.

Google Blog

Portrait mode has been a fixture on smartphones since Apple popularized the feature back in 2016, making its way to virtually every phone under the sun since then. Now, Google has decided to offer the feature on Chrome OS devices as well.

“Portrait mode is now available on Google Pixel Slate and we are working on bringing it to other Chromebooks,” the company noted in a blog post detailing new features in Chrome OS 76.

It’s a rather strange move, as it’s not the type of feature you’d associate with Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets. Then again, there are people who enjoy taking photos with a tablet anyway.

Don’t expect portrait mode on all Chrome OS products, as some of these devices offer low-quality selfie cameras that might not work well with the mode, Engadget notes. Hopefully Google brings HDR+ photography to Chrome OS too, as this would undoubtedly make for a bigger improvement than portrait mode.

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