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The best new mobile accessories from IFA 2019

By Tristan Rayner

PanzerGlass ClearCase Black Edition

Smartphones and tablets have created an ecosystem of possibilities, with half of IFA 2019’s endless halls devoted to accessories. From cases, cables, and chargers to power banks, storage solutions, and more, plenty of mobile accessories were shown off at the trade show.

Take a look at what’s new and worthy of a place in our best mobile accessories of IFA 2019 accessories roundup.

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PanzerGlass: New glass back protection for your glass back phone

PanzerGlass’s range of tempered glass screen protectors grew one bigger, with the release of the PanzerGlass ClearCase Black Edition. With the new range of smartphones increasingly using swirling, shimmering designs embedded into the glass, it’s a shame to hide that behind a tough case to protect it. PanzerGlass first introduced a glass back case to protect that fancy glass, along with usual protection on the top and sides.

The new ClearCase Black Edition adds a honeycomb protection pattern, with the company stating this has “19% more protection.” While that seemed pretty much unquantifiable, the photos we took of a prototype clearly shows that honeycomb build, able to dissipate any drops or falls a little …read more

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