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New leak shows Google Pixel 4’s motion gestures in action

By Adamya Sharma

Pixel 4 Motion Sense Leak

This Is Tech Today

The Google Pixel 4 leaks have become unrelenting at this point. From specs to design, and even the launch date, leaks have more or less spoiled the party for fans and Google alike. A new leak now gives out more information about the Pixel 4’s motion gestures facilitated by the Project Soli radar.

The Pixel 4’s gesture suite, reportedly dubbed Motion Sense, looks set to be a new, touchless way of interacting with the phone that will allow users to control their music, snooze alarms, and silence calls by simply waving their hands over the device.

While Google gave us a tiny glimpse of Motion Sense on Pixel 4 in July, we haven’t really seen it in action. A new video via This in Tech Today changes all that and shows the actual Settings menu on a Pixel 4 unit used to set up so-called Quick Gestures.

We can see Quick Gestures for skipping songs by waving the hand left or right and another one for silencing interruptions like calls or alarms. There’s also a gesture that allows users to reach for their phones to check …read more

Source:: android authority