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Redmi 8 review: It’s a side-grade really

By Dhruv Bhutani

Redmi 8 profile shot of back

Xiaomi’s dominance of the entry-level market was built on the back of the Redmi series. However, the entry of Realme, and its focus on vibrant designs has put a dent in Xiaomi’s momentum. Realme increased its shipments in India by over 600% in the second quarter of 2019. It comes as no surprise then that Xiaomi is stepping outside its comfort zone, and is reworking its design language across the board.

Redmi 8 review: Premium design at a budget

After years of sticking to a design language, we’re in a phase where Xiaomi is making sweeping changes with every new release. We saw it on the Redmi 8A, and the Redmi 8 continues to channel a very premium-looking design.

This is still a budget phone though, so construction continues to be polycarbonate through and through. It feels premium to the touch, but the glossy hardware catches on fingerprints and I’m not too sure about how well it’ll hold up against scratches. You’ll definitely want to invest in a quality case. Xiaomi has tossed in a TPU case in the box to get you started. There’s a fingerprint scanner at the back. The location is near perfect and it is a cinch …read more

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