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Essential’s long phone, and more tech news you need to know today

By Tristan Rayner

Essential's new phone GEM

Your tech digest, by way of the DGiT Daily newsletter, for Wednesday, October 9.

1. The thin, weird Essential phone

We’ve heard Essential has been working on a new device. We had indications it was unusual. We saw specs leaks that suggested a new concept. But this is really something:

The Essential very tall, very thin Android smartphone:

  • Essential’s new phone is being called “Project Gem,” and the company has filed a trademark for the word GEM, so that looks like the actual product name as well.
  • But who cares about the name, because just look at it!
  • It’s so tall, so thin, and so unusual. It’s like a candy bar, or a remote, or something.
  • Why? Who knows!
  • We have been seeing increasingly tall, long, and rectangular smartphones, with Sony taking this as far as anyone in recent times to mixed reviews.
  • The reason for that, though, was to offer video in the widescreen 21:9 format, but reviews found that while the narrow body was nice and easy to hold in your hand, it wasn’t easy to use, being too tall to navigate with a thumb. But Sony still tried to make it a smartphone, not something different.
  • This GEM then is just deliberately …read more

    Source:: android authority


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