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This is by far the most underrated part of a fitness tracker

By Jimmy Westenberg

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Opinion post by
Jimmy Westenberg

I’ve learned a few bits of important info while reviewing fitness products at Android Authority over the past few years.

Pricey fitness products are well worth the investment. People usually fall into two camps: Those who need a built-in GPS, and those who couldn’t care less. And, perhaps most importantly, the most underrated part of a fitness tracker is a decent smartphone app to back it up.

This isn’t really an issue with big-name brands like Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple, but it’s an issue with smaller and less-established companies in the fitness space.

If you care about what you’re spending your money on, you absolutely need to pay attention to the fitness app that comes with that fitness product. Here’s why.

Fitness apps should do more than show your step count

A lot goes into making a fitness product that’s worth people’s time. You need a good, comfortable design, accurate sensors, and you need to nail the price point. Those are all things we expect from fitness products. The smartphone app is oftentimes an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be.

A fitness tracker can be as accurate as ever with its data collection, but what good is it if …read more

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