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Arm partners with Unity to improve gaming performance on mobile

By Adam Sinicki

Ian Smythe Digital Immersion

At Arm TechCon 2019, Arm announced a partnership with Unity to ensure game developers can take full advantage of the hardware they’re targeting. The bottom line for users? Greater performance for gaming on mobile.

Unity is the physics engine that powers the vast majority of 3D and 2D games content on the Play Store. Arm is the manufacturer responsible for CPU designs used in mobile devices. In theory, this is a very logical team-up, allowing tighter utilization of hardware at the software level.

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Arm is all about its Total Compute approach to hardware at the moment. The focus is on providing more scalable and adaptable solutions and working more closely with partners. With 5G, AI, IoT, and XR creating new demands and opportunities, more tailored approaches are needed to keep up.

The partnership with Unity represents just one more example of this collaborative spirit in service of future applications. By working closely with the tool that powers over 50% of game content across all platforms, Arm is enabling more performance and a greater range of use cases.

Gamers can expect graphical fidelity and performance improve.

Gamers can expect graphical …read more

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