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Deal: Grab the V21 Fitness Tracker for $22

By AA Picks

Fitness Tracker Watch V21

Look down at your wrist. Now back at me. Now back at your wrist. Are you wearing a fitness tracker? Who cares if you aren’t a triathlete who climbs 30 flights of steps each day? You can jump into a new fitness routine with the V21 Fitness Tracker for just $22.

The V21 from Rawtronics packs many of the handy features of a Fitbit or Garmin for a fraction of the cost. Maybe you don’t get to compare your step count against your family and friends with an app, but there’s so much more to a fitness tracker than that.

Don’t sweat your sweat with the IPX7 sweatproof rating.

A fitness tracker that can’t get wet when you work out doesn’t do much good, does it? The V21 has an IPX7 sweatproof rating, so you can work out as hard as you want.

The V21 provides some benefits of a smartwatch beyond just the fitness tracking elements. Your text messages and phone calls come straight to your wrist to keep you in the know while you finish one more set. It works as a Bluetooth camera remote too in case you need to capture …read more

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