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Highlights from the FAA Drone Safety Awareness Week

By Drone Rush

Drone Rush FAA love drone safety

The folks at the FAA are in control of the airspace in the United States, their drone laws and regulations are designed for safety and have been emulated or echoed in many countries across the globe. In an effort to keep the skies safe, they shared seven days of topics. These were not a guideline on how to fly, at this point, they are more concerned with making sure we all know that there are not only best practices for safe flight, but also laws and rules we all must follow.

The launch of the DJI Mavic Mini just last week was super exciting, particularly that it is so small you do not have to register with the FAA before you fly. However, it is not exempt from flight rules. Whether you have a small toy, a Mavic Mini, or a more substantial drone, the rules remain the same in the sky.

As always, we invite you over to Drone Rush for all of the latest on the best drone, and all of the FAA guidelines.

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