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Meizu 16s review: Intriguing hardware, frustrating software

By Bailey Stein

Meizu 16s rear, highlighting Carbon Black look

For a small Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Meizu certainly enjoys grabbing headlines. Earlier this year, for example, it announced the Meizu Zero, the “world’s first hole-less smartphone” — a device it later dismissed as a marketing stunt.

The Meizu 16s is no marketing ploy. Instead, Meizu refined its practical Meizu 16th for 2019. What has Meizu improved, and, more importantly, is the 16s a phone you might actually want to buy?

Find out in Android Authority’s Meizu 16s review.

About this review: I evaluated the 16s, provided by Meizu, on T-Mobile’s network. During this time, the unit ran Flyme 7.2.3 with the February 1, 2019 security patch.

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Meizu 16s review: The big picture

The Meizu 16s is the company’s latest flagship smartphone. It offers some minor updates over its predecessor, the Meizu 16th. Though the Meizu 16s is intended primarily for the Chinese market, it will eventually be sold globally.

Since the Meizu 16s offers flagship specifications at a mid-range price, we consider it an “affordable flagship.” This segment has most recently seen phones like the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Asus ZenFone 6. Let’s find out if the Meizu 16s can compete.

What’s in the …read more

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Pop quiz: Which Huawei/Honor phone is this?

By Mitja Rutnik

huawei p30 pro vs huawei mate 20 pro rears side by side 19

This quiz contains ten images that show various Huawei and Honor phones. Your job is to look at each image and figure out the name of the handset. There are four choices available for every question, only one of which is correct.

Are you up for the challenge? Press the Start button below and show us what you got. And when you’re done, make sure to share your score on social media and challenge your friends to try and beat it.

Note: There is a widget embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s widget.

Note: If you don’t see a Start button, click here.

This is the 40th quiz in our regular weekly series. You can take a few of the most popular ones via the links below or check out all of them by clicking here.

Let us know which questions you thought were the hardest and share your result with others in the comment section.

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Three UK review: Everything you need to know (May 2019)

By Team AA

5G logo

Three is technically the U.K.’s second-youngest network — formed in 2003 — but many consider it to be the youngest, since industry leader EE was formed from the ashes of T-Mobile and Orange. Three’s age matches its status and its name: other networks boast vast amounts of capacity at all levels of the spectrum, but Three only offers 3G and 4G services.

Don’t miss: Picking the best U.K. carrier | Best Android phones you can buy in the U.K.

Despite being the smallest in the market, Three is owned by one of the world’s largest multinational conglomerates, CK Hutchison, and it’s this backing which is allowing it to shake up the market.

In this Three network review, we’ll analyze the network including its coverage, plans and what lies ahead for the U.K. carrier.

Network technology

Three’s network currently uses the following frequencies:

Frequency Protocol Class
800MHz LTE 4G
1500MHz LTE 4G
1800MHz LTE 4G
2100MHz LTE 4G

Three’s U.K. network has always been data-focused, with the network prioritizing the data-capable 3G standard ahead of the voice-centric GSM 2G standard. Other networks offer 2G services as a backup plan, but Three only offers 3G and 4G services. The …read more

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Price drop! Nintendo Switch Adapter just $34 (this weekend only)

By AA Picks

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter

The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links.

Sometimes you don’t want a pesky headphone cord dangling between you and your Nintendo Switch while you’re pulverizing waves of fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. That’s why the Nintendo Switch Audio Adapter lets you use any Bluetooth headset you want.

The result? You can enjoy the full immersive sound of your gaming without keeping yourself anchored to the headphone jack on your system.

Feel the impact of every Final Smash attack.

The adapter plugs easily into the Switch’s docking port and draws power from the system directly, so you don’t need to worry about buying batteries. It also supports a dual connection setup so you can stream audio to two pairs of headphones. Handy for when you and a buddy are passing time with some ferocious Mario Kart action.

You can even stream to your household set of Bluetooth speakers, for when you really want to feel the impact of every Final Smash attack.

The Nintendo Switch Adapter at a glance

Huawei pushed out of Wi-Fi Alliance: What does that mean?

By C. Scott Brown

The dominoes keep tumbling for Huawei since the Trump administration added the company to its so-called Entity List, effectively barring the Chinese telco from doing business with organizations based in the United States.

So far, Huawei has lost access to Google, Android, Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, and — perhaps most devastatingly — Arm. Now, it is also temporarily losing its membership in the Wi-Fi Alliance (via Nikkei Asian Review), which could have serious long-term effects on its business.

Here is a statement on the matter from the Alliance:

“Wi-Fi Alliance is fully complying with the recent U.S. Department of Commerce order without revoking Huawei Technologies membership. Wi-Fi Alliance has temporarily restricted Huawei Technologies participation in Wi-Fi Alliance activities covered by the order.”

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Huawei and the Trump debacle: The story so far (Updated, May 24)

The headlines and details concerning the Trump administration’s blacklisting of Huawei have come in fast and furious over the last few days. Here’s a breakdown of how the story has unfolded.
Wednesday, May 15:
The Trump administration …

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a consortium of companies — including Apple, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Intel, as …read more

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Samsung will soon roll out Android 9 Pie to the Galaxy M10, M20, and M30

By Williams Pelegrin

Samsung announced today that it will roll out Android 9 Pie to the Galaxy M10, M20, and M30 starting June 3.

In addition to the latest security patch, the update also includes Samsung’s One UI interface. Replacing the previous Samsung Experience overlay, One UI makes it easier to use your phone one-handed and places certain UI elements within reach.

One UI also includes a new gesture navigation system, improvements to DeX, the ability to re-map the Bixby button to an app or command, and more.

Editor’s Pick

Android 9 Pie update tracker: When will your phone get it? (Updated May 21)

Google announced Android 9.0 Pie on August 6, 2018, and began rolling it out to Pixel phones the same day. These include the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL.

But what about other …

You also get Pie features, which include a new app overview screen, slight changes to notifications, improved text selection, Digital Wellbeing, and more. Keep in mind that Digital Wellbeing is not available for every Samsung phone running Pie.

The Galaxy M10, M20, and <a target="_blank" …read more

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Parents pay thousands for kids to learn YouTuber skills at summer camps

By C. Scott Brown

The YouTube logo as of 2019.

Parents sending their kids to summer camp is a time-honored tradition. At summer camp, kids learn fun skills like archery, water sports, and crafts, all while forging lifelong friendships with other kids.

However, the modern summer camp is shifting with several camps now geared towards one purpose: teaching kids how to be a YouTuber.

In a recent article from The Wall Street Journal, reporters dive pretty deep into this relatively new trend of camps designed to give young kids the skills needed to be the next big YouTube star. Some of these camps can run up to $1,000 per week.

For example, a YouTube training ground known as Level Up works with kids aged 9-15 and promises to teach them the “skills to create engaging videos.” These skills range from learning how to interview people, how to draft storyboard ideas, and techniques to source and sync audio files.

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All the YouTube services, including YouTube Music, YouTube Premium and YouTube TV

YouTube is easily the most well-known video platform on the web. Launched in 2005, and then acquired by Google in 2006 for over $1.6 billion, the video …read more

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Android-based WonderOS wants to let you play any game from your phone

By John Callaham



For the past couple of years, a fairly mysterious tech startup called Wonder has been teasing us with its plans to offer a high-end gaming experience on your smartphone. One year ago, it revealed in an interview with The Verge that it was working on its own Android smartphone that would have its gaming software installed.

Now, the company has relaunched its website, with the first public images of what its WonderOS gaming software will actually look like. Basically, WonderOS is aiming to make your smartphone the only device you will use to play any game, whether it is released for mobile, console, or PC platforms.

Editor’s Pick

Here are the best phones for gaming (April 2019)

In the past year, there’s been a surge of smartphones focused on giving the best gaming experience. It makes sense — more and more mobile games are pushing the envelope in graphics, gameplay, and features.

What are …

The site also seems to signal a small change in direction for Wonder. It no longer mentions launching its own smartphone, but its FAQ page does state it is “working with multiple …read more

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How to get the beautiful B&O Beoplay H4 headphones for just $153

By AA Picks

Bang and Olufsen H4 Bluetooth Headphones

The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links.

With so many smartphone manufacturers messing with the headphone jack, wireless headphones are quickly becoming a must-have. The only problem is a premium pair usually means premium prices.

Today you can ease the strain on your budget a little. Right now you can get a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Bluetooth Headphones for almost half price at only $153. You’ll need the promo code WEEKEND15 to get the full saving.

If you’re looking for a travel companion, the Beoplay H4 has a battery life of 19 hours on a single charge, making it ideal for long commutes, flights, and hikes.

Headphones nowadays aren’t used solely for music anymore. Style is a big factor, that’s why the sexy Beoplay H4 headphones come in a range of cool colors, including Vapour Grey, Sand Grey, and Violet.

The B&O Beoplay H4 Headphones at a glance:

  • Enjoy crisp Bluetooth audio at home or on the go.
  • Listen to your favorite songs while sporting a stylish pair of headphones.
  • Listen comfortably for up to 19 …read more

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Here are the Stadia details that Google will talk about this summer

By Williams Pelegrin

Google Stadia Controller


With Google set to talk more about its upcoming Stadia game streaming platform this summer, the company announced today on Twitter what some of those details entail.

According to the tweet, Google will talk about Stadia’s pricing and launch. Google will also make additional game announcements sometime this summer. The company previously announced that Doom Eternal and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be available for Stadia.

This summer, three of the wishes you’ve been asking for will finally be granted:
Price Reveal
🎮 Game Announcements
🚀 Launch Info

Stay tuned here for more Stadia details coming soon.

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) May 24, 2019

We still don’t know what Google means by “this summer.” E3 2019 officially starts June 11, so perhaps Google might make an appearance at the yearly trade event. Alternatively, the company might hold a separate presentation at a date of its choosing.

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Why Google Stadia could be game on for Chrome OS tablets

When Google finally took the wraps off Stadia — the search giant’s massive leap into the games industry — it showcased its next-gen streaming technology on a …read more

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