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Droid Landing just tweeted a Droid Turbo image by mistake

By Bogdan Petrovan

droid landing

Someone on Verizon’s social media team is having a bad Friday.

Droid Landing, the account that Verizon only uses to promote incoming launches of new Droid devices, tweeted a few minutes ago a beautiful, hi-res image of the red version of the Droid Turbo.

We first thought the image was part of a tease campaign, but the tweet has since been deleted, suggesting that someone simply clicked the wrong button.

The image shows a rather good looking device wrapped in red Kevlar. The design is distinctly Motorola, but it doesn’t share a resemblance with the new Moto X or with the rumored Nexus 6.

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Official image shows off a new side to the Motorola DROID Turbo

By Sean Riley

Given that we have seen the entire user manual already, we thought that pretty much everything that the Droid Turbo had to offer was already laid bare.

But the @DroidLanding Twitter account just hit us with the image above revealing a much flashier (and Verizon-appropriate) version of the DROID Turbo than the standard issue black Kevlar we had seen in previous leaks.

If those fairly plain looks had you ignoring the Turbo before, then here’s a refresher on the impressive specs inside this red shell:

  • 5.2-inch “ultra high-definition display”
  • 3,900 mAh battery
  • 21-megapixel rear camera
  • nano SIM
  • 4G LTE
  • NFC
  • Droid Zap
  • Motorola Migrate, Moto Assist, Moto Voice and Moto Actions

The new Moto X probably still has the edge for most people in the looks department, but at least based on this photo, the red is a nice look for the DROID Turbo. And if what’s on the inside counts for you, the DROID Turbo is running away with this competition.

Are any of you swayed by this new look at the DROID Turbo or are you still locked on one of the other options coming this fall?

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Top 10 Android app updates this week: Todoist, Fitbit

By Steve Raycraft


Welcome back to our weekly Top 10 Android App Updates column, where we take a look at the most frequently upgraded apps for the week. We’ve found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to find the ones that are actually being updated by the developers rather than selecting the apps with the most installs. As in the past, we’re going to filter out minor updates for the super-popular apps that have over 10 million installs, but we’ll make exceptions for apps that have had significant updates. We hope you enjoy this weekly feature and that you discover some apps that end up being useful.

8tracks playlist radio – Version 3.1.0

What’s new in this version:

  • We added Chromecast support, so now you can beam 8tracks playlists to your TV Starship Enterprise-style.
  • Those bugs that were giving you trouble? We told ‘em to scram!
  • You can once again sort by trending, newest and popular. We’re giving the power back to the people.
  • The new permission is so you can send us your 8tracks logs.

Amazon Kindle – Version 4.7.0


What’s new in this version:

  • Start playing narration before audiobook download is complete
  • Localized support for Dutch
  • Tap on highlight to edit
  • Several bug fixes

Chromecast – Version 1.8.22


What’s new in this version:

  • Personalize your TV home screen with art, personal photos, news and more by setting up backdrop.

Square Order – Version 2.0.0

Square Order

What’s new in this version:

  • Two-tap ordering
  • Arrival prediction
  • Item suggestions
  • Remembers your favorites
  • Ability to cancel orders

Fitbit – Version 2.0.0


What’s new in this version:

  • Redesigned and improved the steps to set up a Fitbit tracker
  • Stay motivated with Fitbit Challenges (BETA)

WordPress – Version 3.2.0


What’s new in this version:

  • Notifications screen redesigned for better readability
  • Post upload notification improvement with new thumbnail and progress bar
  • Post list now auto refreshes
  • Infinite post swipe in the Reader
  • Swipe between photos in the photo viewer
  • QuickPress widget fixed

Netflix – Version 3.8.0


What’s new in this version:

  • In-app profile management
  • Enhanced visual search results
  • Backgrounded playback with notification for quick resume (on select devices only)

MediaBrowser Android Client – Version 2.0.0


What’s new in this version:

  • Live TV. You can watch TV, schedule and manage recordings. (requires a tv-tuner card and a Live TV provider installed on the MB Server)
  • View and play your Channel content
  • Unified remote playback. Control supported clients and Chromecasts from one location
  • Greatly improved music centered layouts and a new audio player
  • Playlists. View and play your favorite audio mix
  • Tons of visual improvements. Thumbs, item grouping and more!

NBA Game Time 2014-15 – Version 5.0.0

NBA Game Time

What’s new in this version:

  • Updated for the 2014-15 season
  • Updated design
  • Offseason bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Universal app for Android phones and tablets

Todoist – Version 6.0.1


What’s new in this version:

  • • Achieve all your goals with Todoist Karma — now on Android!
    • Added a start guide for new users

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Sharp Aquos Crystal now available at Boost Mobile, Sprint model coming next Friday

By Nick Sarafolean

The Sharp Aquos Crystal, Sharp’s phone with an edgeless display, is now available at Boost Mobile for $149.99. You can pick it up at a Boost Mobile retail store or a Best Buy store. For Boost Mobile customers, the white version is the only model available. The Aquos Crystal will also come to Sprint Prepaid today for $149.99 and will be available at Best Buy. If you wait until October 21, however, you can also pick up the Aquos Crystal on Sprint Prepaid at RadioShack.

Next Friday, October 17, will see the Sharp Aquos Crystal coming to Sprint’s postpaid service for $0 down and $10/month for 24 months. As a refresher, the Sharp Aquos Crystal features a 5-inch 720p edgeless display, 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB storage, 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, Android 4.4.2 KitKat and a 2040mAh battery to keep it running. The specs are mid-range, but that edgeless design might just enough to sell you on it.

Let us know if you pick one up!

Show Press Release

The wait is over for customers who can’t wait to get their hands on Sharp AQUOS Crystal featuring a stunning edge-to-edge display.

Let’s break down the availability details for you:

Boost Mobile – AQUOS Crystal is available for $149.99 (excludes taxes) in white at, Boost Mobile branded retail stores and Best Buy beginning today, October 10.

Sprint – With Sprint Easy Pay, well-qualified buyers can purchase the black AQUOS Crystal in all Sprint retail channels including and Telesales (1800-SPRINT1) beginning Friday, Oct. 17, with $0 down (plus tax) and 24 monthly payments of $101 (service plan is required).

Sprint Prepaid – Sharp AQUOS Crystal will be available in black through Sprint Prepaid for $149.99 (excludes taxes) in Best Buy stores on October 10 and in Radio Shack locations on October 21.

This great-looking device breaks the mold of traditional smartphone design with its frameless 5-inch edge-to-edge vibrant display and stunning picture quality. Key features include:

· Harman Kardon LiveStage™ provides a more lifelike headphone listening experience by adding dimension to the sound
· Clari-Fi™ technology improves digital sound quality by restoring all types of compressed digital music
· Clip Now, which takes screenshots with one swipe and saves them with an embedded URL for easy sharing
· 8MP rear-facing and 1.2MP front-facing cameras
· Crystal clear HD Voice
· 2,040mAh battery
· 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB (RAM) and 8GB (ROM)

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Report: $399 Nexus 9 to launch October 15, availability from November 3

By Bogdan Petrovan

nexus 9 upleaks

Another report suggests that Google is gearing up to unveil the Nexus 9 next week, with availability starting from early November.

Android Authority has reported exclusively that Android L and new hardware will be introduced on October 15 or October 16, while the new device will actually become available in stores from November 1.

Now Bright Side of News is reporting something very similar: a launch (and pre-orders) on October 15, with availability in stores from November 3. The report, supposedly coming from a trusted source, also mentions a price for the HTC-manufactured device: $399. Just like the Nexus 7 (2013), the Nexus 9 will reportedly be available at retailers, both online and brick and mortar, from day one. Of course, the device will still sell through the Play Store.

If BSN’s report is accurate, the Nexus 9 will be significantly more expensive than the Nexus 7 (2013), which started from $229 for the base model. But that’s hardly a surprise given the specifications and features that the device is reported to have. These include a Quad HD screen, a 64-bit Tegra K1 processor, and probably a massive battery. There’s been talk about metal design, though a credible leaked image suggests that at least one version will feature a plastic body.

While we can’t confirm the $399 price tag, a source close to the matter told Android Authority that the Nexus 9 will be priced similarly to the premium version of Apple’s iPad Mini. The LTE-enabled iPad Mini costs $429, so $399 for the Nexus 9 sounds plausible.

Things often change from day to day when it comes to product launches, so there’s still room for surprises. We think though that we’ll finally see the new Nexus tablet (and perhaps the new Nexus 6 phone, which the WSJ confirmed is coming soon) next week.

Will you buy the Nexus 9 if it costs $399? How much would you be willing to spend on an HTC-made Nexus tablet, considering that LTE versions may cost more than $399?

Via: Phone Arena;
Source: Bright Side of News; …read more

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Google Play Weekly

By Joe Hindy

Fruit Ninja Android apps

Welcome back to Google Play Weekly! Here are the headlines from this last week:

Now here are five Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

Fruit Ninja

[Price: Free / $0.99 with in app purchases]
I know we’re bit late on this but Fruit Ninja got a huge update last week and we’re talking huge. The team at Halfbrick Studios rebuilt the game from the ground up to include more game play features, more characters, and more content. It keeps all the same things such as pricing and the core mechanics but there is a lot of new stuff there. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, now is a great time to get back into it.

Obscure Android appsObscure

[Price: Free]
Obscure is a hybrid photo editing and messaging application that allows you to add a number of very unique filters. Some of the options include things like fire, a zipper, and blur. On the messaging side of things, it incorporates things like text scrambling and the ability to delete messages you’ve already sent. It’s free with no in app purchases.
Get it on Google Play

Todoist best free Android appsTodoist: To-Do List, Task List

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Todoist received an update this last week that improves the Android part of their platform. There is a new Karma system that lets you measure your own productivity. The whole update is pretty much dedicated to integrating the new Karma system throughout the app. If you use Todoist you should already have the update and if you’re looking for a fun to-do list app, you should try this one. It’s pretty good.
Get it on Google Play

Google Play Newsstand Android appsGoogle Play Newsstand

[Price: Free]
Google Play Newsstand was updated this last week and it has a little more material design goodness than it used to have. It’s also received some feature updates for magazine reading as well as improved topics. It’s totally free and it’s a fairly decent news reader if you’re looking for one.
Get it on Google Play

Android apps Wear HQWear HQ for Android Wear

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Wear HQ for Android Wear is an application that aggregates pretty much everything you want to need if you have an Android Wear device. This includes accessories, news, apps, and watch faces. It’ll also notify you when new Wear apps have been found. If you own an Android Wear device, you should at least try this out.
Get it on Google Play
Wear HQ for Android Wear Android apps

Wrap up

If there was any awesome Android apps or Google Play news this week you think we should’ve covered but didn’t, let us know in the comments!

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The HTC Nexus 9 could launch on October 15 for $399

By Nick Sarafolean

A new report from Bright Side of News is pointing towards a launch of the HTC Nexus 9 on October 15. Google has reportedly partnered with HTC this time around for this year’s Nexus tablet, the 8.9-inch Nexus 9. Leaks of the aluminum-trimmed device have come out multiple times and with this latest news, it looks like we could see the Nexus 9 launch sooner rather than later.

The tablet is said to be priced at $399, making it an affordable premium tablet. While the device will launch on October 15, it appears that its availability won’t come around until November 3 and interestingly enough, it won’t be sold exclusively through the Play Store. The Nexus 9 will be available through several different outlets, giving it a broader reach than many previous Nexus devices.

The date of October 15 comes in as an ideal date to launch the Nexus 9, Nexus 6 and Android L all in one fell swoop. If the Nexus 6 was to launch at the same event, then it would line up with yesterday’s news that the Nexus 6 would launch before the end of October. If the stars align and this all ends up being true, then we could have a packed week of announcements and releases next week.

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Terraria – Indie app of the day

By Joe Hindy

google play

What is Terraria

Terraria is a 2D platformer game that also has sandbox, multiplayer, and fighter elements in it. It’s already intensely popular and the multiplayer is cross-platform so you can face people on other platforms. It’s $4.99 in the Play Store and has no in app purchases.

Here is how the game works. It’s kind of a 2D side scroller mixed with Minecraft. You dig and craft items similar to Minecraft and you have to fight bad guys similar to Minecraft. However, there is also an adventure here with various enemies, boss fights, and a little bit of story. You’ll be crafting weapons, armor, and potions and there are over two dozen block types to mine for which gives you a lot options.

Along with the main game play you’ll also have various environments and times of day to play with which is a nice touch. There is an online multiplayer mode where you can go PvP and play with other people. There are also over 10 NPCs that you can recruit. It even has Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements. Despite its retro graphics, there is actually a lot of game here that you can play and the developers seem to be adding more stuff continuously. For instance, right now there are Oktoberfest-themed items that you can brew.

terraria review

It’s like a 2D Minecraft but with a point.

  • 2D side scroller with Minecraft-style digging and crafting along with fighting. That means there’s a lot to do.
  • Frequent updates and event and season themed items make the game interesting.
  • Online multiplayer supported.
  • Plenty of monsters and bosses to fight.
  • A bunch of things you can craft and collect.
  • Google Play Games services, including achievements, cloud saves, and leaderboards
  • People have reported issues. Specifically with cloud save issues and crashes.
  • Fans of Minecraft may like it but there are many Minecraft elements you won’t find here.


Overall, this is a really solid title for Android. It has amassed over 100,000 downloads to date and that means if you do pick this up and use multiplayer, there will be people you can play with. There is a lot of content, a lot of game to play, and it’s only $4.99. That’s a pretty good bargain.

Check out the last indie app of the day: Loonies
Join us in the Apps and Games section of the Android Authority forums! Just don’t forget to read the rules first!

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SwiftKey announces new beta channel, beta release, and 13 new Indian languages

By Brooks Barnard


Wednesday evening SwiftKey, the extremely popular 3rd party keyboard, sent out an email to the SwiftKey VIP Community members inviting them to join their new dedicated Google Group for SwiftKey beta testing. Today, they announced and released their latest beta update to version 5.1.

Previously, SwiftKey has used several different methods for distributing the beta versions of their app such as exclusive distribution through their VIP community and then directly from their website. Now, they’re conforming to Google’s suggested method of using the official beta channel to release the test versions. Interestingly, they are keeping the beta app separate from their non-beta SwiftKey. The downside? You’ll have two versions of SwiftKey taking up space on your phone. The upside? If the beta version is unstable, it’s really easy to switch to the stable release.

According to SwiftKey’s latest blog post regarding today’s beta release, SwiftKey is working hard to bring support to their Indian users. This latest release adds thirteen new Indian languages and even includes a very special Diwali theme to mark the upcoming festival. It feels like fantastic timing with this release for SwiftKey coinciding closely with the release of Android One in India. Having 3rd party keyboard options are awesome. And in my opinion, it doesn’t get better than SwiftKey.

In addition to the new Indian languages, Swiftkey is testing other updates with this beta release. They write, “We have also changed the SSL certificate handling to increase robustness of the secure connections used for SwiftKey Cloud’s Backup & Sync services. Finally we have made the installer quicker by replacing the popup EULA with links at the bottom of the page. Rest assured, we continue internally to push forward with our biggest priority for users – enhancing the overall performance of SwiftKey Keyboard.”

If you’re on the hunt for some Indian language support, or you just want to get in on the SwiftKey beta fun, the steps are fairly simple.

  1. Join this Google Group.
  2. Under the “Ready to start testing?” heading, follow the instructions there or follow the link here to become a tester.
  3. Once you’re a tester, follow the links to the play store or visit the listing here.

Have you run beta versions of SwiftKey in the past? Are you excited about them joining Google’s official beta channel? Are you going to run it now? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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Motorola Camera updated with smartwatch remote shutter feature

By Rob Triggs

new moto x first look aa (1 of 21)

Motorola has just updated its smartphone camera app, allowing users to control their handset’s camera through their Android Wear smartwatch.

Once updated, opening up the app will present a new notification on your Android Wear watch of choice, asking if you want to use it as a remote shutter. Tapping the notification will give you a shutter button, which, when pressed, will take a picture using your Motorola smartphone’s camera. This seems like a much better solution to posing whilst a timer ticks down.

If you own a different brand of smartphone, you can achieve the same functionality through the universal Google Camera app, but it might not offer up the full range of camera functions available in your default app. The Google Camera also works with the full range of Android Wear smartwatches.

If the app hasn’t automatically updated already, Motorola owners can grab the Motorola Camera from this link. Other smartphone users can download the Google Camera from the Play Store for free.

Via: Android Central;
Source: Motorola Camera; …read more

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