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Samsung takes the Apple mockery to the next level in new Note 4 ads

By Bogdan Petrovan

note 4 apple iphone ads

Samsung just can’t help itself. Yesterday, the company reminded the world about Steve Jobs’ opinion on big phones (“nobody will buy that”).

But that was just an appetizer. This is the main course. And if you’re a Samsung fan, it’s delicious.

In these six new ads starring a couple of not-so-bright Apple Geniuses, Samsung is gleefully telling the world about all the features that its Note 4 has, and the new iPhone doesn’t.

One of the ads is a jab at Apple’s begrudging adoption of bigger screens, of course. After being the target of ironies for years, Samsung, who started the big phone trend, feels it can must rub it in the naysayers’ face.

The cherry on the cake is the clip where Samsung mocks the botched live stream of Apple’s event on Tuesday, a rare misstep for a company known for attention to details.

Whether you find these ads funny, or distasteful and humorless, you can’t deny they are effective marketing. Some of Samsung’s Note 2 ads (poking fun at Apple’s lawsuit propensity) even got Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller to question the work of Apple’s long time ad agency, Media Lab Arts. Those ads came out during Samsung’s big global jump in market share, and they were especially effective in the US, Apple’s traditional stronghold.

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HTC Double Exposure event set for October 8

By Jonathan Feist

HTC Double Exposure Event Oct 8

HTC is sending out invitations to an event they are calling Double Exposure that is set for October 8th. The invitation offers no indication of what we have to expect at the event, save something pertaining to photography and some drinks afterward.

HTC may not have broken any records with the 4MP camera sensor on their HTC One (M8), but they do have a dual camera lens approach that at least offers some neat selective focus abilities. Selective focus can be found mostly through software solutions through the competition, including Google’s own Lens Blur option on their camera app.

What else could HTC have on deck?

Let’s start with the unlikely stuff. It is a little bit early for an expected Android L release, but it is all but official that HTC has a 9-inch tablet on deck. More specifically, an 8.9-inch device that is being called the Nexus 9. Intel has not been very secretive that we can expect the Tegra K1 to add some kick to the unit as well.


How about a smartwatch? Even though it was only just reported that HTC axed their smartwatch plans, they are one of the only big players that do not have a smartwatch either on deck or announced during IFA last week.

A more likely option that could come out of this event is the HTC Desire 510, which was recently announced, except for pricing and a release date. This budget-to-mid range device is no flagship killer by any means, but is certainly a viable option for launch in just under a month from now.

That’s enough brainstorming from me, HTC has more on deck and it is likely we’ll get more info before the event goes live.

What do you think HTC will bring to their Double Exposure event in October?

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HTC holding ‘Double Exposure’ event on October 8, something camera-focused likely coming

By Alex Wagner


Are you disappointed because IFA is now over and we’ve gotten a look at the new Android hardware that most manufacturers have to offer? Well don’t fret too much, because apparently HTC’s still got something up its sleeve.

HTC is sending invitations to a “Double Exposure” event on October 8 at 4 p.m. EST. The image included with the invitation shows two women that appear to be taking a selfie with an HTC One (M8).

Considering the selfie action that’s going on in the invitation and the name “Double Exposure,” it seems like HTC may be planning to announce something with a photography/camera focus. Exactly what that may be is a mystery, but at least we’ve got less than a month to wait before the quandary is solved.

What do you think HTC is planning to announce on October 8?

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Android platform distribution stats for September now available from Google

By Alex Wagner


New month, new Android platform distribution numbers.

Google today posted the latest Android distribution stats, which are the result of an effort to track all Android devices that accessed the Play Store in the week ending on September 9. Here’s what El Goog found:

Android 4.4 KitKat: 24.5 percent, up from 20.9 percent last month
Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean: 53.9 percent, down from 54.2 percent
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: 9.6 percent, down from 10.6 percent
Android 2.3 Gingerbread: 11.4 percent, down from 13.6 percent
Android 2.2 Froyo: 0.7 percent, held steady from last month

Last month’s report was a tad strange in that we saw Gingerbread actually gain some share, but everything appears to be back to normal in September. KitKat is growing thanks to the continued launch of new Android hardware running Android 4.4, and the older versions are dropping as consumers continue to upgrade to new devices. Expect this trend to continue for the next few months as new hardware is released and manufacturers gear up for Android L.

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OnePlus takes a shot at the new iPhone

By Jonathan Feist

OnePlus welcome Apple to Plus

Apple launched their new iPhone this week. Actually, they launched two versions, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Immediately, Android manufacturers and fans made it clear that Apple was a little late to the game, and now, the self proclaimed Android ‘flagship killer’ has taken their shot, here is the photo that OnePlus put together.

Hey Apple, welcome to the “PLUS” family!

We’ve already taken a quick look at the new iPhone 6 models vs the best of Android, revealing that the LG G3 and the OnePlus One share the same display size as the iPhone 6 Plus at 5.5-inches. What better to work from for comparison then.

The OnePlus One has been available for some months now, but still feels like it is in the midst of rolling out, what with it’s invite system and social media campaigns. The iPhone 6 is announced and should start shipping to users in the coming weeks. Let’s see what similarities there are between these two devices.

iPhone 6 Plus vs OnePlus One

Apple iPhone 6 Plus
OnePlus One
Display 5.5-inch 1920×1080 LCD 5.5-inch 1920×1080 LCD
Processor and RAM A8, 1400MHz, Dual-core with 1GB of RAM Snapdragon 801, 2500MHz, Quad-core with 3GB of RAM
Camera 8MP with OIS 13MP
Battery 2915mAh 3100mAh

We’ve seen these sorts of comparisons before, usually pitting the OnePlus One against the flagship Android devices that it was designed to compete with. As we walk through one spec after the next, similarities present themselves. As they should, considering the exact same parts were used to produce the One and many Android flagships.

Apple, on the other hand, uses different parts than many Android devices. While we’ll have to wait to see the iPhone in action, as their 64-bit architecture and OS optimization promises to produce the same, or better, overall performance than typical Android powered devices with quad-core processors and 2 or 3GB of RAM.

oneplus one unboxing (25 of 29)

Let’s close out with the clincher that has been true in almost every OnePlus One comparison, storage space and price.

iPhone 6 Plus vs OnePlus One Price

Apple iPhone 6 Plus
OnePlus One
16GB $299 with carrier contract, $749 without contract $299 no contract
64GB $399 with contract, $849 without contract $349 no contract
128GB $499 with contract, $949 without contract n/a

Apple will offer the iPhone 6 models with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB version and the OnePlus One is also available with 64GB for $349. The kicker here is the need for a contract to get the iPhone.

There you have it, OnePlus is happy to welcome, or mock, Apple for finally making it to the “Plus” game. What do you think, which Plus is the better phone?

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T-Mobile Uncarrier 7.0 focuses on Wi-Fi, in-air and in-home

By Andrew Grush



As expected, T-Mobile held its Uncarrier 7.0 event today, this time focusing on improving coverage in people’s home and even in the air, using the power of Wi-Fi.

Basically, the idea is that you can use Wi-Calling on all future T-Mobile handsets and many existing models have had Wi-Fi calling support for a while now. Furthermore, Tmo is opening up wi-fi calling even to those that don’t have a phone that supports the technology like an older device or an unlocked phone like the Nexus 5. How are they accomplishing that? Through the use of a new T-Mobile Personal CellSpot, an 802.11ac home router that works as a “mini T-Mobile tower”, and can be picked up for a $25 deposit, which is refunded when returned. Prepaid customers can also get the CellSpot by buying it outright for $100.

Turning to the “in the air” coverage promise, T-Mobile is partnering up with Gogo to bring in-flight texts, pics and visual voicemail to its customers. T-Mobile says that three-quarters of all domestic flights across the US utilize Gogo for wireless while in the air, meanng that this deal should be great for frequent flyers that need a gateway to the web, texts and their voice messages even when in-flight.

While Uncarrier 7.0 probably isn’t the most exciting of T-Mobile’s events, it still brings a few welcome changes for many folks. Now if only they’d expand their actual cellular coverage in less populated areas, though perhaps we’ll eventually see such a move in a future uncarrier event someday? One can hope. What do you think of Tmo’s latest moves, like them? Conversely, did you expect and hope for more?

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‘HTC Nexus 9′ revealed in NVIDIA legal documents, expected in Q3 2014

By Evan Selleck

image NVIDIA legal docs

The “Volantis” tablet from HTC has been tossed through the Rumor Mill more than a few times, with the first sightings dating back to mid-June. Now, a new set of legal documents from NVIDIA is lending even more credence to the upcoming tablet.

NVIDIA has published a long list of legal documentation [PDF] on its website, a result of its ongoing legal battles between Qualcomm and Samsung. While there is quite a bit of text to sift through, the documents reveal on the 41st page that HTC is indeed working on a Nexus-branded tablet. Actually, the documents reveal that NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra K1 processor will be powering quite a few devices, including Lenovo’s Terminator S9 Smart TV, and Google’s Project Tango development kit. The “HTC Nexus 9″ is listed there for everyone to see.

Moreover, NVIDIA says the Nexus 9 from HTC is expected to launch sometime in the third quarter of 2014, but unfortunately no specific dates are provided. The document lacks any additional information, like specifications, but if the tablet’s launch is indeed set for sometime in the third quarter of this year, further details should be revealed soon enough.

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T-Mobile announces ‘Wi-Fi Unleashed’ with a major focus on Wi-Fi Calling and messaging

By Evan Selleck

On September 10, T-Mobile announced a major focus on Wi-Fi during their Un-Carrier 7.0 event. With the new initiative, the Magenta Network aims to make any issues with network connectivity dissipate slightly, as devices will be able to connect and transition seamlessly between the T-Mobile cellular network and an available Wi-Fi network.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that moving forward, all of T-Mobile’s devices will support Wi-Fi Calling right out of the box. Not due to an application, but with the necessary hardware right from the start. Legere also said that at some point in the future, customers will be allowed to go into a T-Mobile store and trade their current device in for a Wi-Fi Calling-supported handset if they so choose, as long as they take advantage of the carrier’s JUMP! program. This means all customers, even if they are currently not part of the JUMP! program when they initially trade in their device.

This initiative is meant to make it easier for those who might live in areas where T-Mobile’s service might not be the best or where the network might not reach specific locations, like a basement, so that they can still make calls and send messages from their device. T-Mobile says that the transition between the Wi-Fi network and the cellular network will be seamless.

T-Mobile also unveiled another device, called the Personal CellSpot. This device is a personal router that’s specifically designed to enhance and improve the Wi-Fi Calling functionality. It can be run as a standalone device or as an additional router alongside a piece of equipment you may have already installed. T-Mobile also confirmed that for current T-Mobile customers, the CellSpot will be free after an initial $25 deposit. So, no monthly installment fees in other words. If someone wishes to buy it outright, it will run $99, and it supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

The last bit of news pertains to Gogo, the company behind many Wi-Fi implementations within aircrafts. The new partnership means that T-Mobile customers will have the ability to send and receive as many text messages as they want while on the Wi-Fi network. Customers will also be able to check their visual voicemail.

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Nvidia legal docs out the HTC Nexus 9, coming in Q3 of this year

By Andrew Grush

HTC logo aa 1

You may already be aware of the fact that Nvidia has taken Qualcomm to court over the alleged violation of seven GPU patents, but what you probably didn’t know was that Nvidia’s own legal filings actually contained proof the HTC Nexus 9’s existence.

As you can see below, Nvidia mentions several devices using the Tegra K1, including the HTC Nexus 9:


This single sentence actually sheds quite a bit of light on a few things. First, it confirms that the device will have an Nvidia K1 chip. Second, it mentions that the tablet will arrive in Q3 of this year. And finally, we now know the tablet will be called the HTC Nexus 9. Earlier rumors had indicated that the device might be called the Nexus 8, as the screen is somewhere between 8 and 9-inches in size.

If you had any doubts about the HTC Nexus tablet’s existence, you shouldn’t any longer. Of course, nothing is official until HTC and Google announce it, which could be happening soon enough. Excited yet?

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Fresh Meat: 10 new Android apps worth checking out

By Steve Raycraft


New apps need lovin’ too, right? Every day there are thousands of additions to the Google Play Store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We’ve shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and propel them to new heights. Our weekly Fresh Meat column highlights new apps with fewer than 100,000 installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.


Description: HomeTube transforms your Android device into a safe, child-friendly haven where kids have instant access to watch whatever YouTube content they want from a list of content you deem suitable.



Description: You simply record a voice message using the Toymail app from your smartphone, hit send and our Mailmen™ toys will speak them back in a funny voice (or your voice if you prefer). Kids can reply to you right from their toys.

Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer

Description: Now call any phone number in the world from your Hangouts app. Download and install the Hangouts Dialer to activate phone calling functionality in the Hangouts app. After installation, you can access all phone calling features directly from Hangouts or use Hangouts Dialer for a shortcut to the dialer screen in Hangout

123D Catch

123D Catch

Description: Use your camera to capture people, places and things around you as amazingly realistic 3D models. Capture friends, sculptures, buildings or anything else you can photograph. Automatically transform them into interactive 3D models that can be shared with friends, family and an ever-growing community of 3D photographers.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Description: Get the latest episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, South Park and @midnight, plus other shows. There are hours and hours of funny stuff to watch: log in with your TV provider to access everything, including Tosh.0, Key & Peele, Drunk History, Nathan For You and more.

Blood – American Red Cross


Description: The American Red Cross Blood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Donating blood and platelets is easier than ever. Find nearby Red Cross blood drives, schedule appointments, earn rewards from premier retailers, follow your blood’s journey from donation through delivery (when possible) and create or join a lifesaving team and track its impact on a national leaderboard.

Acompli Email & Calendar


Description: Mobile email just got a promotion. Do more with the only inbox that surfaces your most important email, includes a full calendar and enables file sharing from Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Ask Me Anything – reddit AMA

Reddit AmA

Description: Discover “Ask Me Anything” interviews with everyone from movie stars to astronauts to artists in the official AMA app from reddit.



Description: Boxer is a faster, smarter mobile email app that adapts to the way you work. Boxer supports your Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, AOL, Office 365, IMAP and POP3 email accounts.

Samsung WatchON Plus

WatchOn Plus

Description: Here comes a new WatchON, it’s WatchON Plus for S4 and Note3 users! It gives you an enhanced UI/UX to discover, search, enjoy and share linear, on-demand and even free web contents in one place!

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