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It’s possible Apple paid $6 billion to settle with Qualcomm, get 5G chips

By C. Scott Brown

  • An analyst with UBS posits that Apple paid Qualcomm up to $6 billion to settle all legal fights.
  • Additionally, Apple could be paying Qualcomm more royalties for each iPhone it sells.
  • This settlement was likely the result of Apple having no choice but to work with Qualcomm to create a 5G-capable iPhone.

When Apple revealed it settled its years-long legal disputes with chipset maker Qualcomm, it mentioned a payment to Qualcomm for an undisclosed sum. That amount is still a secret, but a financial analyst with UBS (via CNBC) has an estimate of what that amount could be: somewhere between $5 billion and $6 billion.

As a point of reference, the largest acquisition in Apple’s history was when it bought the Beats brand of audio products for $3 billion, roughly half of what it might have paid Qualcomm.

Additionally, the UBS analyst also posits that Apple is now paying a higher royalty rate to Qualcomm for every iPhone sold, roughly $2 more. The analyst suggests Apple could be paying Qualcomm between $8 and $9 per iPhone going forward.

Since the battles between Apple and Qualcomm raged for years with both companies likely spending millions (or even billions) in legal fees, it’s hard …read more

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OnePlus job opening suggests T-Mobile exclusive won’t last

By C. Scott Brown

A photo from the OnePlus 6T pop-up event in New York City.

Last year, OnePlus revealed that T-Mobile would be the exclusive United States carrier for the OnePlus 6T. This was big news because, up until that point, no carrier had ever sold a OnePlus device before in the U.S.

Now, a few job postings at strongly suggest that OnePlus is looking for the three other major U.S. carriers to join the family.

There are three postings for a job titled Senior Technical Account Manager, one for each of the big carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. The job description says that a major focus for the future employees will be to “serve as the primary contact person for carrier-related product engineering and realization groups.” The description also says that the right candidates will need to “obtain and address the latest carrier requirements and technology compliance to internal development teams.”

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Instagram might hide your like count from others, wants followers to ‘focus on what you share’

By Hadlee Simons

The Instagram app on Pixel 2.

Much has been said about the psychological impact of likes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But is it ruining social media in the first place? Well, Instagram might be testing a solution, according to developer and serial tipster Jane Wong.

Wong revealed that Instagram has removed the like count on posts as part of a test. This means your followers can’t see how many likes your posts have accrued. However, users are still able to view the like count for their own posts.

Instagram is testing hiding like count from audiences,

as stated in the app: “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get”

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) April 18, 2019

“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who shared a post will see the total number of likes it gets,” reads an Instagram alert, according to a screenshot shared by Wong.

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This $49 Excel bootcamp is your ticket to a data analyst career

By AA Picks

Excel Data Analyst Certification School

Like it or not, Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous in the business world. It’s more than just a casual spreadsheet tool. It’s also used for deep data analysis — something that happens to be in-demand across many industries.

You can join the ranks of data analysts everywhere with the help of this Excel Data Analyst Certification School.

This online bootcamp ditches the dull voiceovers and boring videos for hands-on projects to launch you into Excel mastery. You’ll learn data manipulation, analytics and problem-solving, data visualizations, and more.

You’ll receive a CPD-certified diploma in Excel.

With access to a personal mentor for an entire year, you can ensure your work is up to par as you go through all 60 modules of content. On completion, you’ll receive a CPD-certified diploma in Excel.

This training has a retail value of almost $2,000, but you can sign up to the Excel Data Analyst Certification School now for just $49. You’ll get lifetime access, so you can return to the content whenever you need a refresher.

The deal is due to end tomorrow, so don’t miss out. Hit the button below to sign up.

<!– …read more

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BlackBerry Key2 Red Edition is now available in US, complete with steep price

By Hadlee Simons

Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition display

The BlackBerry Key2 is one of the few keypad-toting devices out there, but it’s not exactly the most vibrant smartphone. So if you thought the device could use a splash of color, then you might be happy to know that the red variant is now available in the U.S.

TCL announced that the BlackBerry Key2 Red Edition is available from Amazon and Best Buy at a recommended retail price of $699. So what are you getting for $50 extra over the standard model?

Aside from the new color scheme and red earbuds, you’re also getting double the storage (from 64GB to 128GB), but that’s about it. That means you’ve still got the mid-range Snapdragon 660 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 12MP+12MP telephoto rear snappers, and an 8MP front-facing camera.

Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition keyboard
<img width="300" height="169" src="×169.jpg" alt="Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition usb type c port" srcset="×170.jpg 300w,×433.jpg 768w,×472.jpg 840w,×9.jpg 16w,×18.jpg 32w,×16.jpg 28w,×32.jpg 56w, …read more

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Hulu vs Netflix: Which one is right for you?

By Mitja Rutnik

Hulu vs Netflix battle

First things first: It’s impossible to proclaim the ultimate winner in the Hulu vs Netflix battle. Although the basic premise of the two streaming services is the same, they are very different from one another in many ways. Which one is right for you comes down to a number of factors including how much you want to spend, what types of shows you like to watch, and how many simultaneous streams you need, among other things.

This article covers all these things and more. We take a closer look at the similarities and differences between Hulu and Netflix to help you decide which one is more suitable for you. Let’s dive in.

Hulu vs Netflix: Availability and device support

Hulu vs Netflix

Netflix is available in most parts of the world — you can subscribe to the service in more than 190 countries. Hulu, on the other hand, is only available in the U.S. (and U.S. military bases) and Japan. By …read more

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It’s taken a long time, but Google Chrome is finally getting a reading mode

By Hadlee Simons

Google Chrome on the Pixel 2 XL.

Most major web browsers have had a reading mode for several years now, but Google Chrome is one major absentee from the list. Thankfully, it looks like the feature is well on its way to the browser.

ZDNet spotted a reading mode in Chrome Canary builds (early, experimental versions of Chrome that contain bleeding-edge features), and it seems identical to reading modes in other browsers.

As you’d expect from this mode, Chrome’s early implementation strips out ads, animations, complex formatting, and other distractions on a webpage. This leaves you with only the relevant text and images related to the article, as seen below.

To actually enable the reading mode in Chrome Canary, you’ll need to enter chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode in your address bar. From here, you simply set the Enable Reader mode field to Enabled.

Once enabled, you can switch to this view by hitting the three-dot menu > distill page. This feature should work on Chrome Canary builds on Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

This isn’t the only feature possibly coming to Chrome soon, as 9to5Google spotted references to Google Assistant integration in the mobile version of the browser. What would you like to see in Chrome though? …read more

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Google sends 9 Pixel 3 phones to customer who wanted refund

By Hadlee Simons

google pixel 3 back clearly white camera fingerprint sensor

The Google Pixel 3 is one of the best phones you can get right now, but what happens if your device is defective? Well, if you’re this customer, Google might accidentally send nine extra replacements instead of a refund.

A redditor reported that they sent their faulty white Pixel 3 back to Google and received an $80 tax refund (h/t: Android Police). Unfortunately, the customer didn’t receive the $900 refund for the actual phone.

The customer nevertheless ordered a Not Pink Pixel 3 and received the device, along with nine extra phones. The user adds that they’ve tried dealing with Google support to get their original refund and to return the extra devices, but to no avail.

“Well, I want to do the right thing and return them. But I’m not willing to do so until my refund is processed properly. If I don’t get the proper support here, I’m going to attempt to return the extra 9 phones via $1000 COD [cash on delivery – ed],” the user said, adding that they’ll sell the phones as a last resort if the shipment is rejected.

It’s worth noting that U.S. …read more

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This is how Google will ask European Android users to choose default search, browser apps

By Hadlee Simons

Google will show these browser and search choices on Android in Europe.

  • Google has revealed how it will ask European Android users to choose their default search engine and browser.
  • The company will update the Play Store app to display two new screens, showing search/browser choices.
  • Google’s move comes after it was fined by the EU for imposing restrictions on Android manufacturers.

The European Commission fined Google over $4 billion last year for practices related to the bundling of its apps on other manufacturers’ phones. Google has since confirmed that it would inform Android phone owners in Europe of their browser and search engine choices.

Now, the company has taken to its official blog to reveal how this process will actually work. Google says it’ll be showing two new screens when users open the Google Play Store for the first time after an upcoming update. One screen will show alternative browsers, while the other screen will show alternative search engines.

Google Blog

Google says the screens will show the five most popular search/browser apps (albeit in random order and varying by country), while also showing any currently installed search/browser apps. You can then tap to install as many displayed apps as you like.

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Get the top IT skills of an in-demand professional for just $29

By AA Picks

The Professional IT Skills Bundle

Everyone knows that IT is one of tech’s most lucrative fields, but how do you get your foot in the door?

This Professional IT Skills Bundle is a solid starting point. With 112 hours of expert instruction, you’ll learn the ins and outs of security, networking, and cloud computing.

Together, instructors Timber Wolfe and Bally Kehal have over 24 years of experience in the IT field. In this course bundle, they’ll prepare you for the top skills in demand for any IT professional in 2019.

Prepare you for the top skills in demand for any IT professional in 2019.

You’ll get access to prep material for the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications, dive into Office 365 and Windows 10 security, and explore training for certifications in cloud basics and technology and operations.

Upon completion, you can qualify for 112 CPE/CEU credits after you submit your documentation. This training could be your ticket to a brand new career.

You can pick up the Professional IT Skills Bundle for just $29 today. That represents a 98 percent price drop on the retail value of $1,500. The deal ends this weekend though, so hit the button below to get …read more

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