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Is your Android Wear app randomly closing on you? Check this out

By Jonathan Feist

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Android Wear since it was first rumored and announced earlier this year. Not only are we huge fans of all mobile technology, including wearables like smartwatches, we’re also interested in how it all works and where it is headed in the future. We’ve stumbled across a little quirk in the Android Wear system that may be causing you, or at least the developers of your favorite Android Wear apps, some grief.

If your Android Wear app keeps closing unexpectedly, you are not alone.

Here is the scenario that developers are facing: when building a full screen Android Wear app that collects data from the accelerometer – this goes for many fitness related app out there – you may find that the app unexpectedly closes and returns you to the home screen of the device.

What is going on with that? The answer is pretty simple, Android Wear itself is also collecting accelerometer data, updating the pedometer step count. Android Wear is so exciting for your progress, it fires up a new info card and presents it to you on the home screen of your device.

Android Wear App call to halt

As we keep tabs on this concern through the Android bug tracker, no official answers are available just yet. Perhaps developers are not supposed to build full screen apps for Android Wear that use the accelerometer, perhaps it is a bug, or maybe we’re just doing it wrong.

Luckily, the same user that filed the issue has a workaround. Developers, this is for you:

Instead of starting your app as a full screen activity, try creating a persistent notification in the context stream, then, give that notification an action to go full screen. This should prevent other cards from stopping your activity, so you can continue to collect accelerometer data and display it to your users.

We want to hear from you: Have you encountered an Android Wear app that closes unexpectedly? Are you a developer with any experience or insight into this particular situation, how did you overcome it?

Via: Android Bug Tracker;
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Google’s Material Design wins award for best contribution to UX

By Edgar Cervantes

material design (1)

Google IO 2014 brought a multitude of new devices and services. Among them was Android L, the upcoming version of Android. With Android L, Google introduced a whole new design language – Material Design. One that not only makes the UI more fluid, good-looking and simple, but also blends the experience across all devices and screen sizes.

It’s truly a first-of-a-kind and an innovative design that will change the future of the industry. It’s so great that it has actually won a gold award for the best contribution to UX. The UX Awards have been going since 2011 and only the best software of the year gets to be part of it.

Of course, Google goes over on all the Material Design advantages and the changes they are introducing. Its multi-platform flexibility and dynamic UI are a huge focus, as are the new design guidelines. These open the door for a future where a smaller screen doesn’t have to mean less… it’s just smaller.

Mobile devices have been evolving and now we can have a full experience even in a 1.5-inch smartwatch display, jsut as we can on a 50-inch TV. Material Design will make this possible and the industry recognizes that fact.

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Blistering deal: get a Kindle Fire HD for under $60!

By Edgar Cervantes

Kindle Fire HD

Credit: Amazon

Need a good deal? You won’t be able to find a decent tablet for cheaper than what we are showing you today. The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD can be purchased for just under $60! It does happen to be the previous generation, and there is a slight, yet important detail to consider – these are used devices.

These used Kindle Fire HDs come in different conditions, ranging from good to “acceptable”. Prices are directly linked to the status of the device, ranging from $53.30 to $56.85. These are all fulfilled by Amazon and do take advantage of Prime shipping.

Not a bad deal for a tablet that normally costs $230. This is the cheapest we have seen this tablet go for. In fact, this may be about the cheapest I have seen any tablet go for.

It is the 16 GB, WiFi version, but that is more than enough for some users. It seems like a great acquisition for those who want a simple, inexpensive tablet. That is, unless you are really against owning second hand products. Those who don’t mind can go get it straight from Amazon’s website!

Via: 9 to 5 Toys;
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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime leaked – selfie lovers rejoice

By Edgar Cervantes


Samsung will cover any niche market it can find, and the recent onslaught of selfie-focused smartphones is definitely a party they were to join. Recent leaks show what could be the latest iteration of their Samsung Galaxy Grand series, which could very well be one of their main selfie phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime has shown up in a Vietnamese website. We have pictures, specs and even an estimated release window.

As you can see, the Galaxy Grand Prime looks much like its predecessors. It’s large and follows that traditional Samsung design we can all recognize from a mile away. Its 5-inch screen sports a qHD (960x540p) resolution, which happens to be a substantial downgrade over the Galaxy Grand 2’s 5.25-inch 720p display. A bit of an odd situation, since all other specs are near identical and this should be meant to be a better phone.


The Galaxy Grand Prime does get that 5 MP front-facing camera, though, making it a great device for those selfie shots. Other specs include an 8 MP rear camera, a Snapdragon 400 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Rumors also say the device will be launching in Vietnam this coming October, so it shouldn’t be long before it reaches other markets.

Via: GSM Arena;
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Android One phones can’t take pictures or save media without a micrSD card?

By Edgar Cervantes

Android One 001621

Android One is meant to be the catalyzer that brings affordable smartphones to emerging markets. The first partners include Micromax, Karbonn and Spice. Nearly 3 months after the Google IO announcement, these devices are finally launching in India for only $100. We have compared these with the competition and they seem to win in the price/quality balance, but there is much more we need to see before we pass judgement.

We haven’t tested these yet, but the guys at BGR have and they found a huge flaw in Android One. It seems a microSD card is paramount for these devices’ basic functionality. Apparently one can’t even take a picture if there is no microSD card inserted. It’s not even possible to save a file or download an attachment without external storage!

We do understand that Android One devices come with a limited 4 GB of storage (about 2.3 GB are free), but that is still storage we should be able to use.

Is Android One local storage really limited to apps and system files? It very well may be. And if that is the case, we sure hope the manufacturers are giving customers at least low storage cards with the purchase of an Android One device. We do know Spice and Micromax hand out a microSD card, though, so it may be required.

Regardless, these limitations should not be placed. Your storage, as limiting as it may be, should be freely available to save whatever files you prefer.

Source: BGR; …read more

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Thanks to Apple, Verizon customers with an upgrade before November 15 can upgrade now

By Nick Sarafolean

As part of the impending iPhone 6 launch, Verizon has a deal to allow customers to upgrade earlier. If a customer’s upgrade eligibility date falls before November 15, they can upgrade now and grab themselves a new phone. And this isn’t some sort of loophole that requires you to jump through several hoops, this is straight from Verizon and should show up in your My Verizon account as long as you’re eligible.

The best part of the deal is that it’s not exclusive to the iPhone 6. The upgrade can be used on any phone, so maybe it’s time to take a look at that new Android phone you’ve been eyeing. Do note, however, that the deal requires you to sign into a new two-year contract to upgrade. Additionally, the deal is only around for a unspecified limited time. Pretty standard fare, but still something to keep in mind.

Anyone taking Verizon up on this offer?

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LG G3 Vigor reaches Sprint with affordable price, great design

By Edgar Cervantes


Sprint subscribers looking for an affordable smartphone can now add the LG G3 Vigor to their lists of options. This neat device offers a great design, modest specs, good performance and most features you can find on the LG G3. Want it? It will be launched this Friday, September 19th in all Sprint sales channels.

LG G3 Vigor specs

  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • 5-inch 720p IPS LCD display
  • 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • 8 MP rear-facing camera
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera
  • 2540 mAh battery

The LG G3 Vigor looks much like the flagship G3, but it takes some hits in the specs in order to reduce the price. You will definitely notice the reduction in screen size and definition. Performance should be good with a Snapdragon 400 and 1 GB of RAM, but it will definitely lose when compared to high-end smartphones.

What I do love about LG is that they bring nearly all their software features to their low-end devices, a practice that is not very usual in the industry. Most manufacturers leave the coolest features for the high-end smartphones, even when there are no real hardware limitations.

LG G3 Vigor users will get Knock Code, Knock On, Smart Keyboard, Smart Cleaning, QSlide, Quick Memo and more. By the way, the device also supports Sprint’s Spark 4G LTE technology and WiFi calling.

Price and availability

Now, let’s jump into the most important factor – price. The LG G3 Vigor will cost you $299 off contract, which definitely not bad, even if similar phones out there come with similar (or lower) prices. The LG G3 Vigor may look and feel better to you, though.

You can also get it on payments with a $0 down payment and 24 monthly $12.50 payments. Are you signing up for one of these come September 19th?

Source: Sprint; …read more

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Nexus TV said to have been canceled and turned into the ADT-1

By Edgar Cervantes

ANdroid TV developer edition Controller and unit

Rumors of a “Nexus TV” emerged at the end of 2013. This device was to be launched at some point during the first half of 2014. The first half has come and gone and we haven’t heard a thing about what was to be Google’s “aggressively-priced” television. What happened?

If The Information’s sources are correct, we have already seen the device’s launch… except it isn’t a consumer version. It was given to developers at Google IO so they could test and produce Android TV apps. It’s called the ADT-1 and it’s said it is a renamed Nexus TV project that was canceled along the way.

This device was to become the epicenter of Android@Home, a project that was announced about 3 years ago with no fruits to bare so far. The Android@Home leader, Joe Britt, has now left the company and most of his team has moved to the Chromecast team.

It seems Android@Home’s future is not very bright, but Google is possibly refocusing its efforts into software instead of hardware. Google’s hardware position in the market is a bit unstable. They have produced very few consumer products and the few they have released are not the best in terms of sales. Great examples of this phenomena are the Chromebook Pixel and the Nexus Q.

With Google TV dead, Android TV is looking like a great option in the smart TV market. The platform will be able to handle media, apps and even video games. It is much more polished, organized and taps into the gaming market, which places it in a safe spot for a successful future. And it is paired with a controller that will definitely give you the edge gamers need.

ANdroid TV developer edition Controller and unit
Android TV Hands on
Android TV bottom
Android TV Controller 2
Android TV Hands On Controller
Android TV Developer edition

We have our hands-on experience with Android TV, as well as a comprehensive post with everything you need to know about the platform. Give those a look for more details.

Does all this mean there will never be a Nexus TV? We can’t say for sure, but there seems to be no active projects for such a device right now. Do keep in mind these are unofficial reports. Take it all with a grain of salt.

Source: The Information; …read more

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68% off 1TB of iDrive Online Backup

By AA Deals


Protect your files and ensure easy access to them from all your desktops and mobile devices with iDrive. This leading cloud backup service syncs your files in real time, and encrypts all your data before storing it securely in the cloud so you always retrieve your files, wherever you are.

iDrive offers several useful features that make it a great choice for backing up and syncing your precious data, including intelligent real-time backup that recognizes the modified parts of files and uploads only the changes, a local backup tool to securely store and retrieve files with an external hard drive, easy backup of your Facebook photos and videos, and easy sharing of files and folders via email, Facebook and Twitter.

With 256-bit AES encryption and an optional user-defined key, you can rest assured that your data is truly secure. Over at the Android Authority Deals Store, we’ve got 1 year of iDrive’s Pro Personal plan (including 1 TB of cloud backup for 1 year + 1 TB of sync space) at 68% off, for just $19! Order now to start protecting your files today!

Top features

  • Pro Personal Plan – 1 TB of cloud backup for 1 year + 1 TB of sync space
  • Add unlimited devices to your account – PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, even mapped drives
  • Sync files and folders between all devices, so your data is always with you
  • Hybrid Backup – Secure local backup, solves the biggest problem with cloud backup, slow restores
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption with optional private key
  • Free IDrive Express seed backup to speed up your first upload
  • Facebook backup
  • Mobile file access

Get this deal now

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Top 5 most popular Android apps from last week: Boxer, HTC Clock

By Steve Raycraft

Hangouts Dialer

Every week we cover new Android apps with Fresh Meat on Wednesday, followed by Android Gaming on Thursday and Top 10 App Updates on Friday. When Monday rolls around, we look back to see which apps were the most appealing to our audience. Read on for the 5 most popular Android apps from last week. These apps are ones that are most likely new and haven’t appeared in the Top 5 list more than 3 times.

1. Hangouts Dialer

App info: Now call any phone number in the world from your Hangouts app using your data connection. Download and install the Hangouts Dialer to activate phone calling functionality in the Hangouts app.

2. HTC Lock Screen

HTC Lock Screen

App info: Swipe right to BlinkFeed, swipe left to Widget Home and swipe up to previously used app. Frequently-used information such as notifications, clock and weather are also available on lock screen. No need to unlock and type in password every time for these applications.

3. 123D Catch

123D Catch

App info: Use your camera to capture people, places and things around you as amazingly realistic 3D models. Capture friends, sculptures, buildings or anything else you can photograph. Automatically transform them into interactive 3D models that can be shared with friends, family, and an ever growing community of 3D photographers.

4. HTC Clock

HTC Clock

App info: HTC Clock offers better time management functionalities including World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer. World Clock: Time of current location as well as time of other cities.

5. Boxer


App info: Boxer is a faster, smarter mobile email app that adapts to the way you work. Boxer supports your Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, AOL, Office 365, IMAP and POP3 email accounts.

Note: To ensure that all apps receive a fair chance to make the list, we will retire any app that has made the list for three consecutive weeks and will place it in our Android and Me App Hall of Fame. We will post this Hall of Fame list in a dedicated series. Any app with * next to the title indicates it will now be added to our Hall of Fame list and will no longer be listed in this article.

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